I used to live in the country, and I found it odd because I was so used to the city for a long time. I found the country side a little un-nerving because I used to hear lots of noises from outside. I ignored it until one night. There was a power outage in my house so it was dark, while outside, it was midnight. I had to use a candle to get around the house and decided to check the power box. I stepped onto the porch to take a look at the power box when suddenly, I heard a growl from behind me. It sounded a lot like a dog snarling, really. I ran back into the house in fright, locking the door behind me.

I decided to look out the back window to see what had made that noise. I looked outside to see a man standing in the middle of the cold darkness; he was wearing a farmers outfit and had a pig mask on. I wanted to call the police, but the power was out. I looked a little closer to see that it wasn't a man, but a creature wearing a torn off pig face for a mask. It had sharp claws for fingers and the farmers outfit had blood stains on it, while its legs were crippled and bent in an odd way.

After a while of having a little staring contest, the creature walked up to my house. It then suddenly turned to the man and growled again, then ran at the man at full speed. It luned at him and tore off a piece of his skin revealing the flesh under his face. The creature took off the pigs mask to reveal a horrible slit across the face with burnt skin all over. One of the scary things was that it had no eyes. It then jammed its fingers under the mans throat, ripping his face off! It took his jaw off and ate the meat off of his cheeks.

The man had no time to scream as the creature ripped its way into the organs and started eating his liver and stomach and also some of the small intestines. I was about to run away from the creature when I heard a crash in the window. My neighbors body was on the floor twitching, then the creature jumped in through the window and stood up over me and said, "You saw nothing!" in a deep, dark voice. It then took my leg and dragged me into the bathroom.

The next morning I woke up in the bathroom with an "X" slit down on my torso. I don't go outside in the country anymore because I fear the creature gave me a warning, and I figure that it won't give me another one!