I'm always beside you, yet you never acknowledge me. You make me feel so lonely now. Why do you refuse to talk to me? Why don't you look into my eyes anymore? Is it because of what I have done? Please, tell me. Everything I have done has been for you, and for you alone. They tormented you, and I silenced them. They deserved what became of them. Do you not agree? Do you think their deaths were unjustified?

I tore the blonde's scalp from her head by dragging her with my car, and the other two were just as fun to play with on that night. The swings did all the work; all I had to do was scatter some needles and cut the chains. Don't think of investigating though, I don't want you ruining the surprise. Should you choose to look back, then you will join those three girls. I love you so much, but I cannot express my love in a way you will understand. I hope you understand.