Well, I am a huge Kirby fan. In my email I received a new Kirby game. It did not look boring, like pretty much every Kirby game. I downloaded it, and the file is called "Keeby." "That name is strange," I thought. The game was similar to that strange Mario World hack, "MEHRO."

I booted up the game, and the intro was from Kirby Super Star Ultra, but it had sprites from Kirby and the Amazing Mirror. The title was "Dooth Keeby." "WTF?" I thought. "That name is too spooky!" The game-play had started. There was no music, and then a Waddle Dee said "Ur mum gay. XD." Those words were too creepy. I tried to close the game, but it said, "Hava nuke bitch. "

Later, Fumu and Bun appeared. "WTH are anime characters doing in this game?" I thought. They don't speak too much. They only said,"ligma balls XD" Later, blood had appeared, and they screamed. I then decided to go visit them, but they were dead. Then it transitioned to the Void from Super Paper Mario. A Kirby with red eyes, purple hands, and blood in his mouth had appeared from within it.

I tried to close the game again. This time, it said: "I'll let you live for a few more days."

Then Death Kirby killed the real Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede, Bandana Dee, Drawcia, and everyone else on Planet Popstar. But the strange part was that Drawcia sprites were killing Zero, because of my theory that Zero actually controls Drawcia.

I played Touhou and Mother 3, but both had quotes from Death Kirby. Later, I played Mugen, and I had challenged a mysterious Death Kirby character. My character was Seymour, and I punched Death Kirby so hard, he exploded!

Never download games with strange names in your email, or else evil spirits like Snatcher.exe Andross from star fox 2, Dooth Keeby,Spooky Spaghetti, Zalgo, The cooler Zalgo, My liitle pony, and much more, will mabye kill you? I dunno.