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In February 2002 several reports of “unusual” murder surfaced. Each report included detailed descriptions of each body. Each murder was connected in one way. All the victim’s bodies had been found in areas that were small, dark, and, humid. One victim was found in a condemned public restroom lying sideways on the mossy tiled floor. Another had been folded into a seemingly impossible position and stuffed under the kitchen sink of a small, rural, house in Arizona. Each of the bodies’ heads had been stripped of flesh and burned. Police were unable to identify them; however on examination they found that each victim appeared to have no other wounds or scars besides the head except for the stomach.

The stomach on all the victims had been ripped open and drained. It showed signs of bursting. None of these however was as strange as the 7th reported murder like this. The 7th victim was found lying on her back in a dark, muddy, corner in Minnesota at 3:14AM. The 7th body’s head was only slightly charred leaving hair and some skin attached to the skull. The body’s stomach was open allowing thousands of tiny insects to crawl out. The esophogus was torn in several places. In the Victim’s hand was a spoon. The insects were reportedly earwigs and cockroaches.

These murders have been after further examination of the bodies been reported suicides.