He began putting the barbed needle into my eye. There was a delicate precision involved; if I weren't being tortured, I'd say it was graceful. The needle didn't hurt too much, actually, at first. It was like being pricked by a thorn bush, so it just felt like piercing pain in a few places, but then some blood got on my retina. It burned. I could feel the liquid rubbing against my retina, oozing into the inner walls of my eye. My pupils contracted, it made the pain worse. It felt like my eye had been scraped raw and yet he hadn't even started scraping yet. It was difficult to bring them back to normal with the barbs, it's like... well, ripping barbed wire from your eye.

Before he scraped, he poked the retina with the needle, blinding me for a second and, of course, making my eye feel like it's just been bathed in sea salt. Then he took his barbed needle, dipped it in capsaicin, and stabbed it in just a little, and scraped it along the walls of my eye slowly and imprecisely, each revolution around the inner wall taking about 30 minutes. It felt like I've had my eye caught in the garbage disposal. Once in a while he stabbed it in deeper, and twisted the barbed needle in spiraling motion, which comes with the sickening wet squish sound. I'm cried blood at that point.

Then there was taking the barbed needle out... He doesn't really take it out, he more or less just rips it out of one spot in my eye with a jerking motion, and puts it into another. It feels like having my eye stabbed by a fork several times. When he puts it back in, he makes sure to twist it in slowly after a quick stab. It's like having a drill bit trapped in your eye, while it's still on.

When he's finally done with his sadistic game, he goes to the least painful part, which is sewing my eyelid shut. It isn't very painful, in comparison to the other things he's done. However, it's not over. I hear the worst possible thing...

“Now, for the other eye...”