Around 10:38 p.m, Michael and Sebastian were playing games and watching movies. Since Sebastian's parents were gone for the weekend, he invited Michael over. The two were laughing and having a good time. Then, Michael said he had to use the restroom, which was located downstairs. He opened the door and left. Sebastian put on headphones and played some music. There was a loud crash from the floor below, but since the headphones were on high volume, Sebastian was unaware of it.

30 minutes passed since Michael left. Sebastian decided to head downstairs. He slowly crept down each step. The lights in the hallway were blown out, so he used his phone as a flashlight. As he reached the last few steps, Sebastian saw Michael's body on the floor, near the front door. And crouching beside him, was a figure.

It noticed Sebastian and slowly stood up, facing him. As the intruder moved out of the way, Sebastian could see that Michael's chest was torn open, and his face was severely mutilated. His skull was smashed in, one eyeball was hanging from the socket with the other missing, his lower jaw was dislocated. The floor around him was soaked in blood, with the mixed scent of urine and feces.

He then focused on the being that did this. It wore a military style coat and tactical pants, stained with Michael's blood. The thing also had a mask that appeared to have a wide smile and two dark spots that represented its eyes. In its hand, Sebastian could see that it was clutching a black combat knife. And in the other, was Michael's liver. Sebastian was horrified and began to slowly back up as the figure crept closer. He tripped on a step and dropped his phone. Sebastian got up and fled to his room.

He locked the door and hid in his closet. Grabbing a baseball bat, he prayed for his life that someone would come rescue him, or the intruder would leave.

After an hour passed, Sebastian grasped his bat firmly and cautiously opened to door. He saw that no one was in the room and came out. He was relieved but saw a note on the floor. He picked it up and written in black ink was...

"No one escapes fear."

Sebastian stood there slightly confused and disturbed. He then hears something emerging from the closet behind him.