I was on my laptop. Until i saw a file, it was strange. I never had this file, it was called File no.100100011010101.I never had that many files,i said to myself "huh. Strange, i never had this file." So i opened the file,It corrupted my laptop.I restarted my laptop, my laptop background was bloody red.Everything was called File no.100100011010101, i screamed "WHAT THE FUUUUUUUCCCCKKK!" Then i heard a whisper saying "rekniht on lettil uoy ekatsim gib a dema uoy."which meant "you made a big mistake you little no thinker."I was scared.Then everything went back to normal, I couldn't move my mouse.My mouse clicked File no.100100011010101, The File opened and there were pictures of people who were dead.Then the final picture said "hello, i´m back.It's me, Skalot Tundefred Deader."I screamed "Hooooollllly fuuuuuuckiiing shiiiit. IIIIIT'S HI..I...IM!!!"I deleted the file and then went back on my laptop to trying to forget it.Everything went back to normal again.The End.

This is the part 2 of the YoureDoomed (Discord Creepypasta).