Florida Police Still Unable to Explain Disappearances of Full Sail University Students-

For 10 years, students attending Full Sail University have been disappearing.

No evidence had been found, until now:

We have noticed a strange pattern in the disappearances. 4 of the victims’ cell phones were found; each of them had a voice mail from the student that went missing before them. The messages were urgent, asking for help. One victim’s message referred to the initials A T and begged the person not to answer the phone. The department is working on possible links between the students, but for now we are at a stand-still until new evidence arrives.”

-Eliza Cowen

Chief of Police

One student believes he is next. Our very own Vanessa Suarez has interviewed the student:

“It all started the day Jenny went missing. I was her roommate. When she didn’t come back from work that night I was the first to call her. She wouldn’t answer, so I called the police. They couldn’t find a thing, and sent me away. I had no idea something like this had happened before, and the police wouldn’t tell me anything. The next day, I waited around to see if she would show up. I got a voice mail from her that night. She was breathing heavy, I could tell she was crying. She told me not to answer the phone, and that she was sorry… I didn’t know what to do, so I called her back. No answer. It’s been 3 days, and through them all I receive the same voice mail. The police think this is a hoax, but every night Jenny’s voice get more desperate. I don’t know how much time we may have left”

Daniel Jenkins, the student interviewed, went missing the night after our interview. No signs of struggle were found. His phone was found. The final message from Jenny was “Too late.” Police are looking into the cases as possible serial murders.

[edited June 13, 2012]