I think it's funny. I've been laughing for the last hour about how your mom died of cancer. I don't give a fuck about any of you. I'm in this for your money, and your money only, that's all I care about, alright. I only do this show for money, that's it, alright. I don't do it to entertain people, that's just a fucking scam. I don't give a fuck about any of you. I really hope you die of cancer. I hate every single one of you. Fuck. The fans. No sarcasm. No joking. Fuck the fans. Thank you.

I see there's a lot of debate, you know, is he joking? Is he being sarcastic? or whatever... Of course I'm joking. You know what I mean? Like, cancer is a horrible thing. But it's not horrible enough. What I really mean is I hope you get cancer and I hope you fucking live the last fucking month of your life every single day gasping for a breath of air and living with the worst, horrible fucking pain of your life. For the last fucking time. Fuck. The. Fans.