This is inspired by an Alter/Ego Song: GLVM by S.O.U.L [Onethoughtremains]

They were hired for this show by a mysterious and elusive couture designer only known by the name of 'GLVM' (ɡlam). It has been rumoured that one model would disappear without a trace from every show he ran each season. Strangely, the authorities were never involved.

These models decided to go anyway. The money was good, and the

Ego Original Song-

Ego Original Song-

rumours were only rumours after all. Weren't they? They are greeted upon entry to the backstage with locked doors and a note. “Step down, we're gonna have fun tonight Nightmares infest this good walk of fright With nothing more to see And nothing more to hear Someone's gonna end up dead When we are all done here GLVM” But with no way to escape in sight, they had no choice to go on. Who the designer was going to make disappear, none of them knew. Can you figure it out?