It was an average morning, I was playing my NES but after a while of playing I got a bit tired. The next morning I thought I left my NES on but it turns out it was still on, it said in bold, arial text "GAME OVER." I thought an enemy had just hit me while I was done playing it. The next day I went to play it again. And then things got nuts, I was playing SMB when suddenly at bowser's castle it glitched out and once again said "GAME OVER." I was still quite confused. I decided to sleep since it was 12:00 PM. The next morning I saw my NES controller next to me, and a ghostly figure said "Play it" repeatedly. I picked up my controller and the tv teleported infront of me. It was that god-forsaken game "Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hide" Except with a slight twist, every hit I took, I was hurt in real life. And the ghost said "3 lives lost = Game Over" I said "That's pretty obvious." I lost all my 3 lives in the game and lost my life in reality. I fell on the floor twitching and after countless minutes of that. I closed my eyes and my dead body was left. When I closed my eyes, that damn text appeared saying "Game Over"