ok,this is weird so im not going to write this again.One week ago i was watching the gangnam style video and had the speakers full blast and the video was working a breeze.That is untill the bit when psy was on the toilet and saying gangnam style very loudly,the guy's face was not as it should be-it was all red like blood and it was all dark.

as the video progressed,it got gorier and gorier untill i saw the end when i saw then guy with a crowd in the same red blood thing as the first but lighter.I watched again and heard a voice say...YOU ARE DEAD DAN!!.

the gangnam guy kept on saying those words while he was dancing in the blood thing and when i tryed to close the

video but it wouldn't let me!I had no choice but to watch as the gangnam guy tore open the girl's body and carried on dancing and i couldn't stop watching.I was horrifid by the amount of violence in the video that had no violence in the origanal video!!!So why was this new video so violent?Was someone with a sick imagination tampering with a good video?Or was it something else....I checked the discription and it said unknown poster.So i am really scared now about that video......AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!