You know Garfield? Funny cat that drinks coffee all day, do weird things with neighbors' dogs and try NOT to eat mice?

Well, that is a lie.

Because Garfield and all his friends and nemesis are aliens.

Humans don't know they can EVEN think about it. They don't care that Garfield can walk on back legs, or drink coffee, or...Eat lasagna?

Except Jon.

Do you ever see his eyes when Garfield "say" something? His eyes are fixed onto US. Like he is sarcastic.

Odie is like Bumblebee or Gordon Freeman or Chell. He has brain damage. He can't talk but he can has gestures like Garfield.

Garfield is communicating with telepathy. That's how he talks to Arlene, Nermal, Odie and others.

It's time to open your eyes, my friend.

Open your eyes...