Last week, I've just seen this channel which i've never seen before on my home cable. It was named 666012gl33. That's quite an unusual name. I was curious about it so I clicked it. But there was an error. It wouldn't let me watch it. I kept clicking on it and the television became blank. I tried to fix it but I couldn't. So I called a servicemen through cellphone to come and fix it. After several minutes, he came. He went upstairs to where the television was. I was there too. Just as he was getting his tools I heard a man screaming for three seconds. The noise was coming from the television. I was creeped out. I asked the man if he heard that and shook his head in disagreement. That made me confused too.

After a couple of hours, it was finally fixed. This time I tried clicking it. It worked. It was an episode of Glee with Cory Monteith. As we know it Cory Monteith died last year of a drug overdose. So I thought this was an old episode. But since It was night time. It was time for me to rest, so I turned off the television, and went to bed. But I was suprised to still hear the audio. It was the same noise as I heard before. A screaming man but this time it just kept getting louder. When I looked at the television to see what that was, it turned on by itself. I was creeped out because there was Cory Monteith in it with two of his eyeballs covered in blood inside the school hall.

I ran downstairs because I was terrified and wanted to leave the house. But the most terrifying moment was, as I was running down, I saw the servicemen's dead body hanged with a rope tied to the ceiling. And I saw a man sitting on a chair beside it who I believe was Cory Montieth. I ran as fast as I could to the police station and I am still suffering from Insomnia because of that night.

This was my first creepypasta story. I know it's stupid and yes it's fake. I only done this for fun. I'm only 13 years old.