Back in 2010 when I was in 3rd grade my friend called James came to my house. James came to my house to give me a freeware for me. I told James to bring a mozilla firefox freeware for me but he gave a Google chrome freeware. He explained why he bought Google chrome for me, Because Google chrome is much faster than mozilla firefox. Me and James enjoyed watching videos on Youtube and the videos load faster because I have Google chrome. When I was in the toilet, James secretly started watching porn videos which is not good for children. James were enjoying watching those videos until a unknown person shooted a bullet at James head. When I came out of the toilet I saw James dead and the screen of the computer playing porn videos. I cryed when I saw James dead and I was crossed when I saw the porn videos >:(

3 years after the death of James... I started searching the internet on mozilla firefox because I just knew Google chrome is something bad to use. When I wrote Google on the internet I found many information about Google chrome. A few minutes later soemthing went into my mind. I had interest of this Google chrome. Then what happen was. .. I downloaded Google chrome and I start using Google chrome. A few seconds after I clicked the Google chrome icon something appeared on the screen.

more to be written soon...