In the city of Los Angeles, at least once every week the police have been finding murder victims who have missing organs.

Meanwhile, at Cloud-Edge High school, third period, Jenny Strung grabbed her backpack and was ditching school.

Knowing that her mom was okay with her ditching school, she opened her front door. She called her mom, she didn’t answer.

She kept calling her mom while walking through the hall. Jenny heard chuckling and she assumed her mom was watching another comedy.

When she was near the door, she noticed that it wasn’t her mom’s laughter… It was someone else’s. She knocked and opened the door. Jenny was horrified at what she saw. Her mom, dead, on the ground.

She slowly looked up and saw a grinning pale man in a suit, leaning on a desk, drinking what she believed was wine, and eating a heart. The man looked at her and said, “Why good morning… young… girl…” He licked his lips as Jenny backed away.

“What? Are you afraid of little ol’ me?”

Jenny started to walk back faster, horrified at what she had just seen. Then he said in a more intimidating voice, “You can call me Grim”. He had a gigantic smile. Grim started walking faster, dropped the heart, and brought out a big knife.

”So, is this the part where you run?” Once he said that, he jolted at her with the knife which Jenny luckily dodged. She quickly ran while Grim was chasing him. “Is it something I said!?” he yelled

She saw the front door and ran to it. Grim slashed Jenny’s leg with his knife as she fell on the ground. He heard a beep and smiled. Jenny screamed until Grim sat on her torso, pointing the knife at her.

They both heard murmuring, and Grim stopped for a second then resumed. When he was about to do what he had done to Jenny’s mom, SLAM! The door was kicked open and three cops were there with pistols and shotguns. Before Grim could even react, BOOM! A cop with a pistol shot him in the head.

After the incident, Jenny sat at the curb with a blanket and a cop sat down and told her that he was sorry. He also told her that she must have accidentally hit her phone and called her friend, because her friend heard the screaming and called the cops.

While the cop was telling her the story, she saw a suited, bloody man limping to the nearby woods. He turned around and there he was. Grim smiling and waving to her. Jenny quickly told the cop to look, and he was gone.