Two boys, a 12 year old and a 15 year old, were hiking through the woods behind their houses in northern Virginia. While stopping to tie his shoelaces, the older boy beckoned the other over to a cave he spotted in the ground. Deciding to explore, the two boys entered by sliding down a vine.

The younger of the two slipped and twisted his ankle while getting down from the vine. After checking the injury, the friends carried on their way, enjoying the scenery of the cave.

The younger decided to take some pictures with his phone. Spinning in a circle to try to capture the beauty of the cave, he saw a tall figure in a black robe. Instantly terrified, for the figure gave off an upsetting vibe, he bolted the other way.

The older saw the horrible thing and decided to follow his friend's lead. Unfortunately for the younger, his ankle did not show any mercy from his fall, and he soon lagged behind the older.

The older did not even realize he was alone until he stopped to catch his breath. Worried, as any friend would be, he went back, determined to find and protect his friend.

The older eventually stumbled upon the body of the younger. His mouth was cut from his face, and the wound had been fashioned to look like an enormous smile. Turning away to vomit, the older instantly saw the tall, black robed figure. He looked up, and his nausea subsided to become pure terror.

The figure had no eyes, only black slits where they should have been. Underneath the slits, there was a huge, glowing grin. In one hand, he held the younger's severed lips.

Not sure what to do, the older fainted out of pure terror.

The older awakened in his bed, in his house. He immediately called the house of the younger, only to discover his parents had reported him missing to the police. Feeling grubby and in need of stressed, not to mention confused and scared, the older went to take a shower. As he lifted his shirt, he saw that on his stomach, painted in blood, there was an enormous grin.

The younger boy was never found, and the older was placed in an asylum for hallucination and possible murder of the younger. 3 weeks after the incident, the older turned up dead in the showers, with no mouth attached to his face. They found a phone in the pocket of the older's clothes, which turned out to be the younger's. All the memory was wiped and no pictures remained.