It was a long shift at the factory that night for the Security Guard named Harry. He wasn't a fan of his job, as no one seemed to like him or even notice his existence, but it kept him in his apartment and that was all that mattered. Harry wasn't a happy man, as he had lost his left arm in Vietnam. Because of this, he couldn't drive. Instead he took the train home every night. On the way to the train station, Harry felt cold, but it was a warm night. Harry thought nothing of it.

The train didn't come that night so Harry walked from the station. As he walked he felt strange, as if someone was watching him. He turned the corner on the street and suddenly everything was quiet. "What the Hell," said Harry, "Everything is gone. EVERYONE is gone." Harry looked around and saw nothing but buildings and street lights.

Suddenly Harry saw someone. It was Mr. Philmore, the banker. He was on the ground and hurt. Before Harry could help him he heard someone behind him and then he was out cold...

When Harry awoke, he was in the middle of town, miles from where he had been before when he was knocked out. He looked around, trying to remember what happened. He walked around trying to figure out where exactly he was. He walked into a gas station to see if anyone was there. He saw no one.

Harry turned around to go and use the phone booth outside and he was a figure on the outside looking through the window at him. It gave him goosebumps from its familiar shape. Harry pulled out his gun and went outside, but the figure was gone. "What the Hell is going on?" said Harry. All of a sudden Harry remembered having nightmares like this back in Vietnam.

He pinched himself, hard, and he then realized that this was no dream. This was happening and Harry was scared out of his mind. He may have gotten out of Vietnam with just losing an arm, but he wasn't trained for this living nightmare bullshit. As Harry turned a corner he saw the figure beckoning him. Harry, already holding his gun, followed the figure thinking that he might find some answers. Harry followed the figure until just before dawn. Harry was lost and didn't see the figure.

Harry turned around to go back and behind him was the figure. As Harry finally saw it up close he realized it was himself, only ghost-like. By morning, everything was normal. Harry, however was gone. No one remembered him. He had dropped of the face of the planet. It was like he never existed.