In every community there exists at least one "Hate Club" - a hidden society made up of six individuals, who can be of any age, gender or creed: these individuals are not initiated into the "Hate Club": they simply are the "Hate Club".

Whenever something bad happens in a community you can be sure the "Hate Club" is behind it - they are never questioned because anyone that ever manages to get too close to them ends up disappearing or being sent to a psychiatric ward or prison.

If you feel like nothing ever goes your way and your luck is constantly bad no matter what you do there is a good chance the "Hate Club" is at work - likewise, if you find yourself suddenly gaining great success and happiness with no logical reason behind it don't expect it to last: chances are the "Hate Club" are building you up for a fall in the future.

The "Hate Club" doesn't care about how rich or poor you are, they don't care if you are young or old and they certainly don't care about your religion or politics - they can not be bribed, they can not be intimidated, they can not be stopped, so don't even try.

The "Hate Club" has always been around, it will never go away, it is in many ways humanity's parasitic twin - growing in such a way that to remove it would be to destroy humanity as well.

In a somewhat ironic twist of fate inhumanity must always exist in order to preserve humanity - that is what the "Hate Club" is... the "Hate Club" is the darkness that must come before dawn... the eternal shadow...

Now that you know this perhaps it would be best to pretend you never did. Just go back to school or work. Check in with friends or family.

Live your life and when some kid goes missing or turns up dead in some back alley just go with the flow. It'll all work out in the end, as long as we each play our part.