One day I was playing minecraft on my xbox. I got bored so I looked at my friend list to see if they were on. None of them were, but I found a mysterious name: Head-slayer42. Huh. I remember some kid from school telling me about there Xbox name being that. I never accepted the request though...

Later that day, I called him just to see who he was. He answered, but there was only static. I thought I could make out a whisper saying help, but I really just wanted to meet the guy. "Hi?" I said, trying not to be scared. "Wanna play minecraft?

The strange whisper only said what I can make out as "oooohhhhh.... I love games....." I was really freaked out. "Let's play, mark..." (Mark is my name).

Without doing anything, minecraft booted up and I was in a netherrack cage. There were signs everywhere saying " welcome to death', but I didn't buy it. Suddenly, my minecraft showed Steve, his head inflating. I was starting to get a headache, was getting worse as Steve's head grew. "You wonder why they call me heads slayer, huh?"

By this point, my head was ready to explode, just like Steve's. It might've, but I blacked out after one loud demonic laugh by the one known as head-slayer42

Later that night, I was in the hospital. My mom told me there was blood everywhere in my room and that the tv was shut off. She also said there was a hole in the tv the shape of a potato that was the size of mah butt