And so I sit here, drowning in my own blood.

I cannot stand as I do not have the strength to lift myself up.

I cannot see, as blood continues to pour down into my eyes...

The last thoughts of a dying soul... My dying soul...

I want to cry out, give this world one last word... But I cannot, because they would hear me.

And so I can only continue to sit here, wounded and near death.

I can still hear their cries, like wild animals they crawl through the streets.

They kill all the people, they are monsters, they are death.

And now the tears begin to fall, slowly turning red as they drip down my bloody face and into my mouth.

Salt and blood will be the last thing I taste, but I am grateful that I got the chance.

I am dying...

There is no hope left...

For the wounds they have given me are far too deep.

The scratches across my chest bleed through my mangled shirt.

They tore my legs to pieces, so only the muscle remains.

Now I sit here alone waiting for death... The darkness already beginning to creep in... I feel... Very tired.

I am here, but I can do nothing, I am just another lost soul, just another casualty.

So here I am, here they are, here is my fear...

And she continued to bleed....