Hirana64年4月に1998年の彼の最後の誕生日に死ぬ2:00 AM愚か者です。 Subject 1 2:00 AM Japan April Fool's Hirana was murdered by anonymous when she was done playing Super Mario 64 on his nintendo 64. Written on blood on her back. "NINTENDO I.N.C"

Spooky ActionEdit

I recgonized the blood spelling out NINTENDO I.N.C I quickly called the cop's. They came only in 2014... I was very angry. I showed them the body. They said is this some kind of joke? I said no. The checked the chest and the was both blood and a wound also a bullet hole. As they put the body in a grave in China saying to the grave in japanese. "Rest your soul in peace..." They left the grave driving back to the police station.


Found out that she was now haunting her own nintendo 64 that she play's at home and she is playing it every 2:00 AM at april fools. And every February 30, A Skeleton Pops out!