If you ever heard of homestarrunnerdotcom you'll know it is a wonderful site with great animations. The creators have'nt updated it in 2 years though ¬_¬. Anyway I went onto the site on saturday 31st march. It said that there was a new cartoon, I though FINALLY! So I clicked the button and the loading screen had a spinning bloodied homestar cap. I thought What the heck? When the cartoon loaded I saw Homestar running through a black field. He was Completley black with blood drenched shoes and cap. He had blood dripping from his completley red eyes and then he said, "Everyone fears the me, Im a horrible person"in a demonic voice. i began to feel scared and then the cartoon cut to Marzipan, Strong Bad and Coach Z hiding in a house. Strong Bad was calling the Cheats name, I assumed he was looking for the cheat. But then homestar burst into the house and this creepy version of "ring around the rosies" played as he threw the cheats decapitated head to the ground and started knifing Coach Z to death BLOOD ACROSS THE SCREEN. I was thinking "Why would they even make this?" Strong Bad shouted for help and strong mad's corpse suddenly feel down through the celing. Strong mad had his arms and legs cut off. Marzipan screamed as homestar cut her head off. Strong Bad was cornered in the black house and Homestar said "I'll uncover that cheat!" and started gouging strong bad's eyes out, then proceeding to knife him in the heart. The screen turned around to reveal all the other characters except strong sad mangled and dead. It cut to Strong Sad saying "No, how could he?" softly against a birck wall. But homestar came and knifed him in the face and killed him. Homestar then stuck a knife in himself. I reloaded back to the main page and the button to the cartoon was gone...