I can't take it anymore.

I just bought Star fox 64, And It looked like it was bugged. Textures were screwed up, and I started in the freaking Solar. I thought it was bugged though, and ignored, since I could just relive childhood memory.

That's when it started.

I was doing the average; going through the level, when I saw something that totally got my attention.

There was andross in the left corner of my TV, doing the boss battle things he usually does. But I was totally screwed up after looking at him; his eyes were FUCKING ALL BLACK, His hands had a bloody texture look.

He started flying around into the center of the TV. I kinda was creeped out, but still surprised. I thought the place I bought it from was having it in good condition. Never buy games from fucking thrift stores now.

I did the average and killed him.

I started out at Venom right after beating him, but it freaking sent me right to Andross..

I could not move Fox, he only hovered. Andross had no hands, so he inhaled me. But when he did, It teleported me to this pitch black room that looked like a Gut or something. I thought "FUCK, Andross doesn't have a body!" When I was sucked in the void, my friend knocked and came in. I bailed out on 1 player and we tried to kill each other in the VS mode. FUCK, we should have not done it and turned it off. That's when I got fucking scared. Standing on the ground was a giant Fox Mccloud, Looking like he was fucking dying. He was bleeding to death, and his guts were spilling out, and his eyes followed Me or my friends closest arwing to him every time we went near it.

To anyone, please tell me, This is in my fucking mind. I can't stand even trying to touch this game. I tried it out and it freaking haunts me to death.

Written by Alex355