Author's NoteEdit

The writing style in the first bits are intentional. Enjoy at your own risk.

I Like CatsEdit

Hello, my name is Louie Yuri Fern, and I am college. I like icecream and I adore the haunt frill of Republic, Washington. In this city, I am no job, and I am no money. Thus, have a tendency to starve. I am cat. In case couldn't tell. And I am weight. For seconds at time. I think to mself as not cat, but human. However, learning language when cat, is hard. I owner, him is nice. Sometime, he unshackle me from home in basement. It weird, I sometime have dream, where human. Owner, I frolic in hill. It kiss me. It feel good. But that dream. This reality. Sometime, the shackle hurt. Sometime, I food. Sometimes, he trim fat off me, with knife. Sometimes, he eat fat in front me. Sometimes even my fur, separate from me. When that happen, I see skin. Skin he has. Sometimes, he takes my fur off. Sometimes, he sews new skin and muscle tissue onto me. Sometimes, he dresses other humans as cats. He molests them first. They all look like him. My owner, Mr. Yuri likes cats that’s why I am one. He sometimes, packs bits of me to travel with him into the hills. Sometimes, I can feel the breeze up there, before he sews bits on. One time the shackles were loose, so I took them off. I walked upstairs, were he was cooking bits of me. I took my furry hands, that looked like his, and I strangled him. I liked his skin. So I ripped mine off. Bit by bit, the blood dripping down onto the linoleum. I started to produce cracks in his skull. Wanting his moist, supple body, I simply entered through the cracks. I am Louie Fern. I am Yuri. I am Lucifer. I am you. I am everything that ever was, and what will be. The Yin, and Yang, Alpha and Omega, the Christian/Hebrew/Islamic god, and their respective Satan. I am all. I am all of me. I am Lucifer. I am Yuri. I am Louie Fern. I AM COLLEGE!!