I was home in my apartment. My roommates were all out, likely getting drunk, which isn’t my kind of thing. I checked on my roommate’s dog and she ran down the hall to the living room. I could tell she wanted to be let outside. I attached her to the cable leash that we have inside so it won’t rust and opened the large wooden door to let her outside. I should have looked first.

There was a man standing on the top step. He looked normal. I was just about to ask him what he wanted when his hands….his mangled, broken, hands shout out and grabbed my wrists and with a sickening wet crunch, he tore both hands off my body. I fell back screaming in pain, tears running down my face as the dog, our small Pomeranian dog, barked at him. With a small smile he calmly shoved his twisted hands into mine, like he was trying on a pair of gloves. He flexed his hands, my hands, a few times, and then he calmly took them off and tossed them on top on my stomach.

“Thanks for the hand, but they aren’t what I’m looking for. You should do something about those bleeding stumps of yours, don’t want to bleed out.” The man calmly said before turning and returning to the darkness.

I don’t know how long I laid there like that, bleeding out, but I guess I passed out soon after the man left. I woke up in the hospital. A police officer was talking to a doctor near my bed.

“They call him Mr. Hands,” the doctor said, “we’ve had a few similar cases here, but these kind of injuries are popping up everywhere.

“How do you know it was really this, Mr. Hans?” The police officer asked.

“That’s Mr. Hands,” the doctor said, slightly irritated, “and you can ask the guy yourself when he wakes up, but I’ve seen this before and it’s always the same. The fucker did the same thing at his murder trial, tore a woman’s hands off. A cop hit him with a stun gun, but nothing happened. Mr. Hands just sat down and waited until they took him away to a sanitarium. But he got out. No one knows how, he just walked out of his cell one day. It’s crazy.”

My face turned paler then it was from the lack of blood at the doctor’s story.

I really should have looked first.

Dr Remag (talk) 01:21, April 7, 2013 (UTC)