I Wanna Be The Guy... the game that was once amazing to me but now is all gone because of what happened to me.

The Finding Of I Wanna Be The DeathEdit

I was there, surfing the internet for something good to play since I was completely bored out of my mind. Nothing seems to be great as all the games are pretty stupid - well the ones I've found. I then decided to go onto a forum page in hopes of finding a game I could play to pass some time.

I then discovered a forum page named 'I Wanna Be The Guy'. Happiness covered all around me as I clicked the page. Turns out it was people discussing about IWBTG and how hard the game is, boy I remember the time when I played this; too damn hard though. I searched through my computer to see if I still got the file but it turns out it got deleted; guess it was because of how much rage I did in that game. I asked a friend of mine to see if he knows about the game. We had a very strange conversation though... it's almost like he doesn't want to talk about IWBTG ever again. But why would someone be so scared of a game? It can't be how hard it is... maybe he played a scary hack? Our conversation went like this:

By the way, my friend's name will stay anonymous for various reasons.

Me: Hey, do you know this game called IWBTG?

Friend: IWBTG? Umm... err... yeah... I have...

Me: Do you still have it on your computer so I can give it a try again?

Friend: Oh god no- oh sorry, I mean umm... it's just that...

Me: Just what?

Friend: The game... it got me already... the kid... that kid... he got me... he got our house, and our family...

Me: Lulwut? What are you talking about?

Friend: I'll send you the game that haunted me... umm... but don't... err... play it...

Me: Why not?

Friend: He'll... get you... too... and I don't... want that...

Me: So IWBTG haunted you?

Friend: PLEASE NOT NOW!! Oh, umm... sorry... he can hear us speak... when you receive the CD of the haunted game... don't play it... snap it in half... destroy it so The Kid won't haunt me ever again... please don't play it...

And then he went away, back into his home. When I turned around, I could've sworn I heard a scream come from the house. When I arrived home, I was thinking quite hard about what I should do when the CD arrives. "This doesn't sound right..." I said to myself, "For some reason, this sounds really similar to the Sonic.exe story that I read a few days ago. Is this CD related to it or something?" And then I sat down on a chair being silent for 10 minutes. The silence was broken by a loud bang coming from outside my window; it was so close that it was on my window. "What the fuck was that!?" I screamed in fear, "That almost sounded like something happened right out of my window!" I looked out and I saw a rock near to where it smashed the window and there was some sort of paper on it with a message. It read:

"Don't play it... don't... I depend on you...

If you play it... he'll come after you too..."

That message had a rhyme to it and that's why I got freaked out at that very moment I read it. I then heard a knock on the front door. I crept up to it and slowly opened the door as I was greeted by the mail man. He gave me a dull box with the words "I Wanna Be The Guy" on it. I was so happy that I didn't even ask who sent it to me. I said bye to him and went off to turn on the computer and while it was loading, I decided to open the box and see what goodies it has in store for me. Instead of being greeted by goodies, I was greeted by a dull CD and another piece of paper, similar to the last one. I first went ahead and read the paper, but to my horror... this was the one my friend was talking about, the CD was the haunted IWBTG. The paper read:

"This is it. This is your decision, destroy it now or else he will get you too. If you play it, make sure you destroy it straight away so that he won't be able to get you. You can free both of us, you are my only h DONT LISTEN TO WAT HE SES IT IS INNOSENT DA CD IS INNOSENT"

Seems like someone else continued what my friend was gonna say. I was getting really scared right now and I had no clue what to do now. The computer was on and I fired up CamStudio to record the footage yet again but this time... it wouldn't let me record. This kept popping up:

"CamStudio cannot record this footage, The Kid wants it to stay hidden. You have been warned."

The fuck is this shit!? The Kid wants it to stay hidden? I haven't even got the CD in and CamStudio already knows that I'm gonna record footage. Is the computer breaking the 4th wall or something? OK, if that's the way it wants to be then so be it. I popped in the CD and the game started up.

I Wanna Be The Death - What I SawEdit

The title screen seemed normal, nothing wrong with that, but I did realise that the title was called "I Wanna Be The Death" instead of "I Wanna Be The Guy". That was quite odd, but I guess it was just another fanmade game like the rest so I continued. The 3 files were the same, the Guilty Gear music played normally but there was something wrong about the 3rd save file. It seemed that my friend must've played through this already but the screen showed was not in the game at all. The screen also had text saying: "Turn back now" I ignored the save file and started on save 1 on medium, because I suck at this game.

The game seems quite normal, nothing wrong so far, the music plays normally, the game plays normally, I don't see why my friend didn't want me to play it. Everything was completely normal, nothing wrong with the game; or so I thought. When I finished defeating Mecha-Birdo, things started getting weird. As soon as I made it to the next screen, I immediately died and this time the Game Over jingle didn't play (the Might Is Right But Not Tight theme), instead, it was replaced with a creepy theme which I never heard of, it seems to me as random bleeps and bloops in a form of a song. I pressed 'R' and it took me to a blank screen; The Kid was replaced with The Guy and I couldn't move at all. I was completely frozen in the game and real life, and then out of nowhere, The Kid appeared behind The Guy and instead of a normal shot, The Kid got out a knife and started stabbing The Guy all over the place. The screen cut to black and I heard screams from which I think was coming from The Guy.

After that horrible experience, I heard a pixelated Kefka laugh which I knew this CD had something to do with the Sonic.exe story. The screen then went to a grave which I think The Guy was buried in, and Death came out from the edge and entered the soil. I heard screams come from the grave so I knew that The Guy was buried alive, but then there was a blood fountain and I had no clue what to do next as it seemed to get bigger and bigger. What should I do now? It then cut to black again and a very hard-to-read message appeared in blood red with blood tears coming out of it. It said:

"Ithinkit'sbestifyoudestroytheCDnow.TheKidisgoingtogetyounowsinceyoustartedplayingthis.Ifyoudon'tdestroythis CDsoon,TheKidisboundtogetyouandwillruinyourlife,exactlylikeyourfriendoverhere."

It took a bit of time to decode that message and it read:

"I think it's best if you destroy the CD now. The Kid is going to get you since you started playing this. If you don't destroy this CD soon, The Kid is bound to get you and will ruin your life, exactly like your friend over here"

The screen cut to a picture where it showed my friends face filled with blood and black eye sockets. He was crying out blood too. "What the fuck is going on!?" I yelled at the computer screen. The game then shut off and when I tried to play it again, an error message popped up saying:

"Unable to read disc."

Now I had to do exactly what my friend told me to do; destroy it. So I got out a lighter and started burning the CD and then eventually snapped it. But something didn't seem right... I went on to my computer again and a message popped up:

"Too late."

I was too late to destroy this CD? How?

Too LateEdit

The next day, I went to see my friend and turns out he was a lot more paranoid than I thought. We had quite a scary conversation aswell. It went like this:

Friend: You're too late...

Me: Wait, how did you know?

Friend: I got a message from the computer... I TOLD YOU TO DESTROY IT!!

Me: Hey, don't blame me, I was just curious.

Friend: No, there's no turning back now. We are all gonna suffer a terrible death.

Me: We?

Friend: More people suffered through what you saw...

At that moment, 2 kids came out behind the wall, and they seemed petrified.

Kid 1: The Kid is gonna get us all...

Kid 2: Why didn't you destroy it at the right time?

Friend: See what you could've done? You could've saved us all.

Me: There is still hope right?

Friend: No...

Kid 1: Oh god... he's coming... I can sense him...

Me: Who is?

Kid 2: Him... he's coming to get us...

Friend: The Kid...

Ever since that time, I have always been dreaming about The Kid murdering others over and over. It remains in my head, even to today. I dunno what's going on now, but all I know is...

I'm too late, and he haunts me forever.