I used to love Hey Arnold! It was my favorite Nicktoon, besides Ren & Stimpy, but one fateful day, I saw the piece of crap known as "Arnold Betrays Iggy" then I never watched Hey Arnold! again, but it was tame compared to Breadwinners, Sanjay & Craig, and SpongeBob Squarepants (at least now, I guess, but I have not watched the old SpongeBob in ages).

Day IEdit

I was out for a walk, suddenly I stepped on something, it was a videotape, I picked it up and it was not scratched, I took it inside and went to bed.

Day IIEdit

The next day I put it in my tape player, what played was test saying "Previously on Hey Arnold!" on the night sky. Two thoughts were in my head. "Oh no! Not Hey Arnold!" and "What the heck is that doing on Hey Arnold!?" I wanted to stop watching, but at the same time I was too curious. It showed clips of "Arnold Betrays Iggy" "FUCK!" I said, but I still watched, after that it showed the present day at an apartment, I saw Iggy, the little dipshit who ruined Arnold's life! I saw Iggy, tears were coming down his eyes, realistic tears. Then it turned to his back and I heard a voice say. "What have I done?" was it Iggy? No, it sounded like a grown man, then Iggy opened the window, then I heard voices say "do it!" was it supposed to represent the audience? Then he jumped out, then I heard a scream. Then I realized why Iggy had a new voice actor, his old one was too young for such a serious scene. I emailed the creators of Hey Arnold! They replied

"How did you find that tape? We thought we rid of it for good! But you found it! We knew everyone was upset by Iggy so we made that episode to satisfy everyone who hates him, but then we realized it was too hardcore for kids, but please, destroy that tape and tell NOBODY about it."

And I only did half of what they said.