Last week I became a Pegasister. It's not a bad thing, believe me. I just don't relly know how to go about telling people about my experiences. I figured posting it to a website would be the best way to spread the word, just in case I'm making a big fuss over nothing.

I started watching 'My Little Pony' for fun and boredom. At first I was, somewhat, interested by the 'Brony' community. I couldn't make sense of why people would like a show about cartoon ponies. To this day, I don't really understand how this show can grasp the attention of the masses, so effortlessly. It wasn't until I was almost at the end of the first season, I noticed certain things, happening to me throughout the day.

Everytime I closed my eyes, ponies. Only for a split second. Every single time I blinked or flinched, a pony popped up infront of my eyes. It doen't seem like much when you think about it, but something just creeps me out. It's not just the ponies you see in the show either. It's like my brain is subconciously creating ponies, whenever I stop watching the show.

I have a theory. Not a nice one but a theory nonetheless. 'My Little Pony' is a virus, like a computervirus. It's the only explanation I can come up with, regarding the ponies in my head and on the screen. I don't know if this virus is good or bad, all I know is that 'Bronies' and 'Pegasisters' draw amazing fanart, write amazing songs and have the lergest fanbase.

I know how rediculous this sounds, in all honesty, this is the best reason I can come up with for this community. The 'My Little Pony' virus sounds almost desirable. When you consider how talented this community is, this theory makes so much sense. Me, for example, most art I produce only goes as far as stickmen. But, when I start drawing ponies, I can make them look so close to the characters in the show.

Whatever this is, it isn't good. I still can't escape flicking from episode to episode, of the show. It has a way of drawing you in, holding your attention in it's hoof. No, in its hand. My head is infected, I can't escape. My life is run by ponies. In the end, I'm scared. I think I'll just sleep, maybe watch a few internet videos.

I don't know how much longer I can keep going. Goodbye everpony, goodnight.