Hee hee watching her like that is fucking epic. Crawl you bitch crawl..

Hello, my name is Eric Holferd.

I'm 19 years old and go to a local community college, but I don't go there to learn; I go there to have my phone. You see, every night I kidnap children, mothers and classmates. I take them to the basement and we have a little fun. It's fun cutting eyes out of sockets and stabbing their chest.

My newest victim is named Seaira. She's a pretty girl with big tits and long black hair. She's now hanging by the flag pole in the Dean's office. Seaira and I had a lot of fun but she might be onto me. The cops are banging on the door right now... Hee hee, this little girl is in here with me. I cut off her legs and she's crawling to the door.

If I don't die tonight, remember to always make sure you're not alone in the dark.