In the small town of Mckeesport, PA, there is an unusual looking rock formation. The rock has a very large overhang, it is overlooks part of the city. It was sort of a historical landmark, because it was a battle zone of the Indians back in the 1700s. During the day, it's a nice and cool sight to see. But the stories you hear of it at night are a bit far-fetched...

"Hurry up!", Zach said to Jason. "It's right over this hill." "Are you sure we should be here at night?", Jason asked. "It will be fine, I want to see if the stories are true." "Alright, but if I die it's all your fault." Jason proclaimed.

"Finally made it." Said Jason. "Yeah. I guess the stories are fake then." Zach said. "Alright, lets get going". At that moment, they hear leaves crunching as if somebody ran through them. "What the hell was that?!", screamed Jason. "How am I supposed to know?" Yelled Zach. "Lets get out of here!". As they start to run over the hill. they hear the running again, but in front of them. "Down the hill!", Yells Jason. They turn to run down the hill instead of up, and to their horror they see a ghostly body of an Indian tribesman.

His body is badly beaten. He was missing his arm, and had arrows sticking out from his chest. Zach and Jason stared at the ghost in amazement. They both started to run. "S**T", screamed Jason as he fell. Zach stopped and went to help him up. "No run! Just go, I can't get up!". Horrified, Zach ran to the entrance of the woods. Out of breath right before reaching the broken part of the wooden fence that they entered the woods through, he hears a horrific scream, and knows it is his friend. As he turns back to the fence, he sees the Indian. It now has an arm, and Zach recognizes it because of the glove on its hand. It was Jason's. "What do you want from me?" asked Zach. The Indian then muttered "You now know the truth."

The parents of the boys reported them missing when they did not return home. People who have entered the woods have reported seeing two boys running through the woods, one missing an arm, the other shirtless, with the skin of his chest ripped off and arrows through his chest. A friend of the boys went in, and came out horrified, as he recognized the boys. Searches went on, but they did not find anything of use. It was recommended to the neighbors of these woods to stay away from them. After the disappearance of the boys, many more disappearances occurred to people who went in there at night. None of the citizens of Mckeesport know the truth of the landmark. And those who do find out the secret of the woods never come out.