Run! Faster, you idiot! It's coming!

These are the only thoughts crossing your mind as you sprint towards safety, the trees, a bush, whatever will hide you from It. Your friend is the only one with you that knows; only they know what to expect as do you. The rain, clouds, and fog make the fear all the more real.

It's coming for you.

It started out as a sunny day, with no problems and clouds in sight. Your friend came to your house so you could show him the new pool your family had just recently installed in the backyard. After lots of swimming, splashing and lemonade breaks, the two of you hatch a brilliant plan.

One that you couldn't possibly lose in. At the time, it was brilliant. As of your current situation, you're not sure where it went wrong. First, a countdown, and then the chase began. It was exhilarating and yet, but it was just a game, wasn't it?

Moving behind a tree thick with age, you try to catch your breath, keeping an eye out for suspicious movement. Suddenly, a flash of light, and panic takes a hold of your mind. It takes a moment to recover and realize that your friend is gone. They've disappeared from your side, leaving only footprints running towards the house. You tell yourself repeatedly that it's a bad idea to give chase, but your worry for them causes you to follow.

You're at the house now, and only It is there.

I won't end like this!

Instinct takes over and you're done hiding, now bolting to the door of your home. It follows extremely close in pursuit, knowing it's coming in for the kill. You reach out for the door and grasp the handle. Crap! The door is locked! You have nowhere else to run, and you slide down against the door and claim defeat. It catches you, and the game is over. You've been scared out of your mind, but now you know that It can end the game with one tap on the shoulder.

And that's the last time you played tag at night without a flashlight.