Jack was a normal kid with typical bullys that left him in cuts & bruses. He was 15 years old, he had blue eyes like the dimoneds in the sky, he was very fit. He always had one friend: Jeffery, he and jeffery had been friends since pre-school. They have always been in the same class and when the first day of the school and they would see each other ans say "IT'S YOU AGIEAN!!!.

One day he...was acting...well, strange. He did not say enything to Jeffery or enybody. Then one of the bullys said "HEY JACK GO KILL YOUR SELF.....NERD." At the final word he threw a glass shard into his head. He ran home " JACK! JACK!" said jeffery as he chased him. He ran into his house and he said good afternoon mom".

His mother turned around to look st his blood stained son. "JACK WHAT HAPPENED?!?!" He laughed and shown her the knife he had behined his back j-jack. Why is that in your hand? He ran up and stabbed her repeatedly. He ran into the darkness of the forrest, he heared a fimiler voice come from the back of him. "Jack!" 

He felt two arms around his waist. He stabbed the person that put arms around him. He turned arouned to the victim...he had just killed Jeffery. NO...JEFFERY" screamed Jack i- it's o-ok jack...m-my v-vary best f-friend....g-go-goodb-bye Jack." said jack as he died. Jack compleatly gone insain and killed eny-one that bullyed others...cause he has felt there pain to.