A woman was driving along an old mountain road just slightly after sunrise. She had been spending her vacation at a local resort and wanted to get home before dark.

As she traveled, she happened to spy a middle-aged looking man sitting out on the edge of a cliff. While this wouldn’t be unusual for some more adventurous tourists, this man had less then a kind of casual expression in his posture. Namely, instead of taking in the natural scenery as a whole, his face seemed affixed to the forest floor below him. He also had both of his hands planted firmly on the ground.

When he jumped over the edge, the woman instantly stopped her car and went over to the side of the cliff face. She looked out over the dense foliage below, wondering if she could contact rescue services for him. As she pulled out her phone and began to dial, she felt a pair of hands on her back. With a shove, she fell quickly to her death.

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