The following note was found just last week in a home in Michigan:

Dearest Destiny,

I am just like you. No really, I am. I laugh and cry, I love and hate. I am just like you. In fact more so than you may think. Don't worry, I won't hurt you. I just want to talk. You see, living in this closet has been hard, but I cannot escape, you see. I know you hear me at night crying. I'm just so sad. Once this was my room. Once they were my parents. It's only a matter of time you see, before you become me completely. I wish you would stop being so scared of me. We would be sisters, if only I were alive. We share a lot of looks, and I can tell they notice it. I am trapped in this closet, because thats where I was hidden. I cannot escape, though I try. Maybe you can come inside here and help me get out? We could be best friends. I know you cry because you don't have many friends, but I will be your friend. We can play and share secrets. I could tell you how I died. 

When I was your age, mommy and daddy were good. They were nice. Then they told me about you. I was very sad. I wasn't going to be their princess anymore. I knew something had to be done. First I tried to give mommy some special food. I knew she would be okay, but you would be gone. She took one bite and spit it all over the table. I was mad. Then, I tried to get her to fall down the stairs. I just wanted to still be their little girl. She fell, but not hard enough. Soon enough I just knew I would have to kill mommy to kill you. But it would be okay. I still would have daddy. So I snuck in mommy's room with a knife. I wanted it to be nice and fast. But daddy got me, and we struggled. Then I fell on the knife. It hurt. Then they put me in the closet until they called the cops. It was an accident, I know. They took my body away and now I am stuck here. Please help me. I want us to be a family.



When the police arrived at the house of eight year old Destiny, she was found in the closet with her eyes gouged out. Her limbs were almost torn completely from the skin, and her blood covered the closet. The parents were in complete hysterics, having lost two children now.

After further investigation, there were carvings found on the floor, written in almost childish letters. 

"They are all mine now."