Have you seen the show entitled "Killer Karaoke"? Maybe several of you do.
Let me tell you some basics of this Game Show. First and foremost, It is hosted by Steve-O, one of the main stars from the popular TV show Jackass. 

The mechanics of this game is for the player to sing while facing obstacles that normal people would fear. For example, The player is supposed to put his/her head on a box with spiders, scorpions or any other feared things while singing.

All they have to do is give the audience a laugh and to keep singing while doing crazy shit. May I also add in that it's a competition? Each player gets a specific song with a specific obstacle course. The winner will get $10,000. Seems easy enough... right?

Well, there was a weird thing that happened. Steve-O brings a young man, maybe 23 years old, and as usual, Steve-O makes jokes before actually saying the song. This young man's name was Kyle Johnson. His song was "Dust in the Wind", nothing special. But his challenge was all about trust. There was a man in a leather mask, obviously blind folded, and in front if him was a table with 6 knives, varying in sizes, smallest to biggest. Kyle was strapped to a wall, and you know what happens next. The man picks up the first knife, it was the smallest, something you would use to fillet a chicken with.

Kyle screamed out of nervousness when the man threw the knife. It almost hit him. "That's too close for comfort!" Steve-O said to the audiences. The man picks up the biggest knife. Kyle was surprised 'cause he thought the order of the knife to be thrown was smallest to biggest. Then the man threw the butcher knife. The audience was in shock, Steve-O was in shock, and I was in shock when I saw the knife hit his arm. The most surprising part about this was, no one bothered to stop the man. The man reached for the third knife, The second from the smallest, and, luckily, missed Kyle.

Even though Kyle was crying, screaming in pain, no one stopped the madness. It was like no one saw what was happening. Steve-O made a joke, and the audience still laughed! But what really bugged me was, when I searched the episode on YouTube, the knives all missed, not even a scratch on Kyle. But the joke that Steve-O made was the same, and if anything, the audience's laugh was the same with the one I watched before. Though, there was one thing different... Kyle told his story that made the audience sad... The story of how his arm got amputated.