(this is my first story so there may be some spelling errors and bad grammer) one day I got Kirby's star allies I put in my switch everything was normal until when I got to the title screen Kirby was stareing at the screen I press start and only the story mode was there. But the story mode said Kirby's deadland I tried turning off the switch but nothing happened so I started to play and I hear moaning and Kirby still had that smile on his face. then I saw a waddle dee and when I came close he ran away he kept doing that until he was in a dead end Kirby still had that smiled and sucked the waddle dee up. Kirby just smiled the hole time and I came to wispy woods he had a scared face and he hit me with a apple but I took no damage. I couldn't move Kirby and Kirby sucked his whole Kirby did his dance but the music was a slow and low pitched then it skiped me into king dedede's castle then my switched turn off when I turned back on it was just Kirby stareing at me and Kirby was glitching it turned off again. I never touched my switch again.