Last night the Cthulhu Cultists were meeting very close to where I live. The previous night I had a lucid dream in which I saw Der Großmann, he was stalking me and my mentor. Last night he, Cthulhu, and Slenderman were attempting to meet up, they had a mission, what?

We weren't sure, we (my mentor and I) were going to attempt to find out until I split due to all of the energy and the possible possessions that could occur.

My one friend ended up possessed and the scarier part is that we can't figure out by whom or what he was taken over by, the demon is out of him now but he was not himself last night, his eyes became pitch black minus the whites of his eyes and we couldn't get him back to this world we had to go into the 8th dimension in order to pull him out. When I went in Zircon attacked me as he for some reason is obsessed with me and always looking for me when I project (astrally).

I hate the fact that I split last night though because if I hadn't maybe we would have found out more, but for now we have to go with what we have and maybe venture to the woods tonight to find out what is going on or what is being planned. ZoZo has gone into hiding as he is very weak and Naio is weakened as well where they are now I am not certain but it worries me as they are Elizabeth Moore's parents (my astral spirit). Hopefully we won't have to fight to much off, and hopefully the battle is not too draining. We shall see what tonight and the rest of this week bring.