"Mother, have you seen my boots?"

The mother did not reply. Instead, Daniel called Zach to see if he had taken his boots.

"Zach, I need my boots! I'm going to work with dad today!"

Zach did not answer, so Daniel went looking around the house.

He searched all around the house until he found a small pair of boots his mother bought last weekend. Daniel slipped on the boots and went outside to wait for his father.

Daniel's father did not come, so he started walking down the street. He had the strangest feeling in his head, but he just couldn't explain it, so he ignored it. Upon arriving at the traffic lights, he noticed that there was no one around. There were empty wrappers and cans scattered everywhere. The lollipop lady at the crossing had left her stick lying on the ground.

Daniel walked across the road to a friends house. To his surprise, no one was home. It was almost as though everyone had vanished. He proceeded to walk back to his house, when he noticed a car slowly rolling down the road. The engine was on, but no one was in it. Daniel ran back to the house in panic and slammed the door.

He switched on the TV and put the news on. The camera men had left and the news anchor was not at his desk. Papers were stuck up on the wall and pens were scattered over desks with ink running from the tips. This was strange. Daniel still had the strangest feeling in his head, but he continued to ignore it.

He ran outside into the backyard to see that his neighbors had left their clothes on the line. They'd been up since last weekend! All Daniel could remember from last weekend is that he was sick, and he was always sleeping...

He went back into his kitchen to see a note on the fridge saying, "Last weekend, this weekend". Daniel panicked and ran out into the street. The rolling car was now parked in the driveway. The front door closed behind him, leaving him stuck outside.

Daniel began to cry as he wished the sight of his mother, father- or anyone in general. Then he got that feeling again. The feeling as though he was sick. Just like last weekend.