This is a true story that was reported in the newspaper the other day near my house. I wanted to share it with this community. This is 69% real. I changed it up a bit and put it in a first person point of view.

Main StoryEdit


It was a normal Friday. I got up, threw on some basic clothes and headed into my home office to throw together a few videos for the day.

I was a pretty successful youtuber, so I really didn't have to do much else other than put a video up a day. I was pretty lazy, but I usually went to the gym on Fridays.

So, I got into my basic 2004 Toyota Corolla car, and headed for WOW gym. As it goes, I did my usual cardio, and then did my biceps and triceps.

Something felt really weird today. I hadn't heard from my pal, Rick. But I was fine. I checked out and got back in my car. I noticed that on my phone I had a new voice mail message. It was from Rick.

Here's how it went: "Hey, Tim. I know you're probably really busy at the moment. But I need a favor from you. This may cost your life, but you'd do that for your best friend right? Don't chuckle right now, I am serious. Remember how a few weeks ago during that excavation project we found that goblet. Well, there's some problems.

I need you to head into my room at our dorm. Do not turn on the lights. You can take a flashlight, but do not point it directly at the mirror, or my bed. Also, don't pay any attention to the whispering voices. They tell lies. It will be very hazy, but I need you to stay strong and alert. Under my bed there is a foot locker. Open it up, but turn the lock counter-clockwise, not clockwise. Once it is open. Stifle through the papers until you find the goblet.

After looking at it for a few seconds, quickly turn away. There will be 2 cups of blood in it, pour them out on the carpet. Make sure you don't drop it. Put the goblet in a sealed box, and place it in your trunk very carefully. Then, drive off the bridge. I am not crazy, this will destroy the goblet forever. But there has to be a human sacrifice. I am sorry I am making you do this. But you're the only one who can.

Thank you man, and love you."


After that the police found the same car in the ocean by the bridge. They could not find the goblet nor Tim. But for some reason, the phone was saved. And they found the voicemail.

There has been many search parties for Tim, but to no avail.