The Evil has returned, and I fear that things are far worse than any soul on this world can comprehend. There is a haunting of sorts yes, and it is the most evil thing on this Earth. I don't think that I'll last much longer. I feel as though my fate was determined from the moment that I purchased the Nintendo 64. I shall continue from where I had left off.

I fell to the ground, covering my ears as the haunting scream stabbed into my mind like a rusty knife. I laid there kicking and screaming. My eyes locked onto something standing above me; the same black mass that I had seen torturing Mario, that had been torturing me, was there.

Everything in entire room turned to black. Its face was that of a young male, though cloaked in shadow that much was clear. He wore a smirk that made me feel both terror and anger. He was mocking me, treating me like a simple plaything. After that, I remember losing consciousness and nothing short of nightmares.

I walked down a dark flight of stony stairs, moving slowly through the shadows, surrounded from both sides by a wall that followed me all the way down. Both sides were lit slightly by torches. As I descended I could hear painful, blood curdling screams. The sounds of splattering blood was eerily complimented with the deadly silence after. As I moved further down I heard a woman's voice calling for mercy. She begged for death. “I'll do it myself if you want, just please no more!”

She sobbed. “I just can't take it anymore.”

After awhile I could no longer hear her voice, and once again, the silence set me on edge. It took me awhile to realize that I had no control over my functions and movements, only my mind belonged solely to me. I remember thinking that I was being controlled by something, especially once I noticed that a black mist surrounded me. I reached the bottom of the stairs.

I smirked as I entered through the large door at the end of a small hallway. The room was almost pitch black, but two torches at the very end of the room showed me a man that stood high above head with a rope wrapped around his neck and hands bound behind his back. He was suspended in mid-air, floating in the darkness. I grinned and walked up to him.

“How did I get here?” The old man asked while he struggled to get free. Nothing held him, at least nothing that I could see, but it appeared that he had trouble with every movement that he made. I couldn't make out his face, although his voice sounded awfully familiar which scared me even more. Suddenly, the silence was broken like a knife upon skin with hundreds... no... thousands of agonizing screams!

Most of them, if not all of them, were painful to even listen to. It was a massacre, certainly. I tried to cover my ears but I could not make the slightest movement. I also felt... amused by this. Like some other side of me loved listening to the death screams of all those people. I was bloodthirsty. The screams continued for several minutes until there was nothing left but crying.

A little girl's, and I wasn't mistaken. The old man screamed, “Please let me out of here!” I wouldn't let him go though. His fate already belonged to me. Like a lightning bolt I was in front of him. I drove something sharp, I don't even know what it was, into his chest. He bled all over but not a drop of blood so much as touched me. I pulled it from his chest then again I jabbed it into his body.

I did it again... and again... and again, again, again, and once more for fun! I tightened the rope, choking him for a moment, moved close to his face and smelled the fear on his body. I forced his eyes closed, drove a needle into his eyelid and through his pupil so that he may bleed some more. I sowed both of his eyes shut along with his mouth. I drew back so that I may watch my... favorite part. The rope dropped and snapped his neck instantly. Everything from there on seems like a blur to me. That's all I can remember...

As I wrote that I felt something... dark coming over me. I can't explain what, or why. I... I just wish I could have done something to save him now... you see, it was more than just any dream, more than a nightmare. Now that I know the truth I must dwell in my own regret...

I woke up in bed. I was not sure of how I had got there when I had passed out in the living room. I sat up instantly, and looked around the room. The clock read 11:15am. My girlfriend was standing in the doorway just staring at me.

“What's wrong?” I asked her. I didn't get an immediate response. There was a vacancy in her eyes, as if she was hypnotized, and it made me question if it were really her. I asked her is she was okay, again I got no response. When she finally spoke all that she said to me was “I'm in a Zelda mood. Let's play Zelda.” I was very confused by this because we had agreed the night prior to take the system and the game back.

When I reminded her of this she said, “Don't be silly! Why would I want to take it all back when we were having so much fun! Come on, I want to play Ocarina of Time! It's your favorite... isn't it?” She walked into the living room on her own. I couldn't help but notice her eyes. Naturally, they were hazel green, but today they looked... dark; black almost. I stood from my bed and walked into the room where she held out Ocarina of Time to me. As much as I love Ocarina, I told her just to wait for a little while.

I used the bathroom, brushed my teeth, showered, changed, and even though she told me to hurry every five minutes or so, I was ready in about a half an hour. I didn't want to play Nintendo 64, not after all that had happened last night. I told her what I had done after she had gone to bed and everything that had happened. “I know.” She told me. “I know everything.” I asked her how, but she just laughed and gave me the game. She commanded me to play.

The console still had Super Mario 64 in it. I knelt down and I felt another presence move swiftly across the room. I turned around to look; the apartment had become darker, like night had already settled in. It was only noon. She asked me what was wrong, I told her nothing and not to worry. “Just tired.” I explained. Something was not right... it was like she was a completely different person entirely.

I turned on the Nintendo 64 with Mario still in it. Nothing came on, the screen just remained black. I tried it a few times... I wanted to see what came up when I started the game. It just refused to start. Finally, I took the game out and as I put the Ocarina of Time into the system, I could hear a voice saying something to me. It was like when you think to yourself, but it wasn't anything that came from my own thoughts. I remember it well: telling me to enjoy the game. “It's my favorite too.” Unwillingly, I started the game.

I felt cold as a strong breeze passed through the room like a winter blast. A shiver went down my spine. My girlfriend sat next to me, very close to my side. The iconic title screen was skipped; it went straight to the file select screen. I had a file on the game that had everything finished, hearts, medallions, side quests, everything was done. It was gone, replaced by a file that didn't say Link, like I often used, but the name of the file was "Death". This made me feel even more uncomfortable than I had already been.

My girlfriend, being more adventurous than usual, told me to load the file. I put my thumb on the A button, but hesitated. I knew full well that I was in for more head games and I feared what may have come from it. She pushed the A button for me and looked at me with a devilish smile. “There you go.” She told me. I focused my attention on the game.

I was greeted with child Link at the Sacred Forest Meadow, and at first, everything appeared normal; the hearts were all there and he held the Kokiri Sword and Deku Shield. The calm before the storm, I thought to myself. I began to look around the area and found nothing out of the ordinary except Saria, whom usually sat on the stump when you visit this area as a child, was missing from her place. I moved to the stump to examine it more when I heard a laugh come from the game. I turned Link around as fast as I could move my fingers. Standing in the center of the Sacred Forest Meadow was Ocarina of Time's antagonist, Ganondorf.

He had the image he bore when you confronted him as adult Link. “I suppose that you expected more from this, didn't you? More blood perhaps?”. I tried to attack him but my Kokiri sword went right through him. “A foolish effort. You're in my world now...” The screen was full of static although I could still make out Link through it all. The forest, once green and vibrant was now a mere shadow of its former self.

The ground was burned and cracked, flames spewing through them in an unholy blaze. The sky had a dark red hue to it and was covered in pure smoke which came from the small village below.

Link walked through the Lost Woods. The trees were all dead and had people hanging from them by rope, some with their necks snapped. There were also people inside the trees... people who reached out, limbs resembling branches, grabbing hold of Link's arm and pulling him, forcing the legendary hero to pull away with all the might that he had. His shocked expression was nothing more than fear of the unknown. As Link began to move away, more hanging bodies fell from the trees, all surrounding Link in a complete circle. “I lived a religious life. Please spare me!” The voice of a women above called out. “I don't deserve this, please!” A man screamed in pain and struggled with his rope.

As I got a good look around I noticed the same scene on nearly every tree all over the woods. Limbs from the ground grabbed onto Link's feet. They began to claw and tear at him, ripping his tunic to shreds and disarming him of his sword and shield. I could see Link fighting, I button mashed to try and help, but my aid was to no avail. I watched as Link's legs were torn from his body first, with blood spewing from the fresh wounds in small hose-like blasts.

I could see the veins as they stuck from the hole, and parts of bone, now drenched by blood. Then, it was his arms, ripped off in a matter of a few seconds, now the same image as his legs. Finally, they ripped his heads off... I was given the game over screen, with the sad music playing, only this time it was complimented with a cruel laugh. I resumed playing.

Through the foggy screen I saw fire raining from the sky. But, inside the fire were people, burning as they fell from the heavens, their screams echoing from the Heavens all the way to Hell. These were once the Kokiri children. I watched as they dropped into the Kokiri Forest and people who looked to be from my world. Dare I question my sanity at this time? I watched as other Kokiri children, all dressed in black robes, forced innocent people on to spikes. Their blood splattered all over there faces and clothes. Scariest thing is was that they remained alive through the ultimate impalement and were left to there suffer there. Then, I got a view of Link standing before the Great Deku Tree.

All of its leaves were dead, the original brownish color of the tree was turned to black, its dark eyes had red circles dwelling deep within and from them poured blood tears. Hanging far above, in the Deku Tree's branches, were all of the Kokiri children. Not the ones I had already seen, but there were the real one's from the actual game; the cloaked ones I had seen were merely a darker version of them.

They were joined by real people, or people that appeared to be real, who were the only ones that struggled and screamed. In the center of the Kokiri children hung Saria.. I was wrong, she was the only one that was alive, and like all of the real people she had crows pecking at her body, eating her alive. I watched as one ripped out her eyeball and devoured it without a second thought. I felt sick to my stomach. Blood dripped all over the ground where I saw one more cloaked Kokiri like figure standing beneath the Deku Tree.

I felt compelled to move forward, to see who this creature was. I pushed the analog stick forward and walked up to the demon. He held in his hand a scythe of sorts. Perhaps this was “Death”? He turned to look at me. It was Mido. His face was decrepit and destroyed, black and cracked with glowing red like the Deku Trees. I drew Link back as quickly as I could but in that exact instant I saw Mido took his Scythe and doive it through Link's chest. The blade stuck through his back, his heart was sliced into pieces. Link dropped to both knees and looked straight into Mido's demonic eyes.

I saw him lift Link like he was nothing at all and hold him into the air. He pulled the scythe up, the blade cut through his body as if he were a piece of wet tissue, straight through the hero's head. The scythe was removed in the most gruesome style imaginable. I could see Link's brain matter thrown about carelessly, his split in two skull through the intense amount of blood that streamed from his body. The game over screen returned, but this time no music played. There was only a sole, evil laugh that penetrated my heart. The game resumed itself this time.

The static soon vanished from the screen and I was greeted with an eerie scene. I got a full view a Hyrule Field engulfed in realistic flames! Smoke and screams filled the air in satanic fashion. A swirling black cloud cloaked the world in shadow, with a red moon shining through every moment or so. The camera moved forward to show me hundreds among hundreds of dead bodies littering the once brilliant fields with their bloody corpses.

They all looked lifelike, and not one of them were on any game that I had ever seen. The river that once went from Hyrule Castle all the way to Zora's Doman was filled not with water, but pure blood. Bodies were forced face down into the hellish crimson river with the appearance of having been drowned there. The bodied seemed to twitch and move... like they were fighting to live once again.

Finally, the camera took me down towards the drawbridge that went too Hyrule Castle Market. There, surrounded by pikes which held the impaled skeletal remains of what was once people, was adult Link, standing mightily as lord of this realm. His tunic had been turned to black and his eyes glowed a fierce bright red. He wore an evil grin on his face. In his left hand he held a demonic version of the Master Sword. The blade had become more jagged, the handle area was black and blood dripped from the entire sword. He was the reason for the massacre that I had heard in my dream. He has become a demonic shadow of what he once was. Link was "Death".

It was at that time that I felt... drawn in... like something had been pulling me into the game itself. It sounds insane, I know, but it's the truth. I looked around at the world I was in now. This was Hell given in the form of a once great classic video game. I stood in Link's place; I had total control of his body. I kept the satanic Master Sword in hand although I was certain that this wouldn't help much here. I couldn't think- I had to act! I surveyed the horror around me.

Each body that I saw, each that lied there dead surrounding me, all had horrified, painful looks on their faces. Some had their jaw pushed so far down there throats that I was certain they had choked on them. Some were decapitated with blood still squirting from the veins in their necks. I looked out, away from the Market, and saw somebody over by the Lon Lon Ranch entrance. I went, although terrified, to investigate, stepping on the bodies and through the blood that covered the field.

The person in the game was a little girl, resting on both knees and covering her face with blood stained hands. She wore a pink dress similar to that of Zelda's. She looked so... lifelike. I immediately recognized her crying from my dream, undoubtedly. She looked up at me, removing her hands from her face. Blood covered her clothes and tears streamed down her cheeks. “Please.” She begged. “I've been here for so long. Can you help me? My parents are gone and I don't know what to do. I just want to go home.” I knelt down to her. I was not sure if this was some kind of trick or if she was really somebody that needed my help. I held out my hand but once our hands touched I was pushed back by an awesome force, thrown like a feather in the wind. When I hit the ground I rolled over bodies of the dead.

I had blood covering my body entirely. I could hear the little girl screaming as loud as I believed she could. “Help! Somebody help!” I pushed myself to my feet and rushed to her... but I was too late. She was hung on a rope with stab wounds that penetrated her skin through her chest and abdomen. Her cute eyes were sown shut along with her mouth. Blood dripped from her body into the pool under her feet. The rope appeared to go nowhere at all, she just hung there with nothing to support her.

I backed away from her body when I saw something moving behind her. Materializing from the shadows was the black mass that was plaguing my life. This was my first confrontation with the creature that had killed Mario before my eyes. I could see only a pair of bright red eyes through the shadows. After a moment or so he again revealed his features to me. I backed away, I looked at my sword then back at him. I stared into his red eyes in fear and he returned the look with satisfaction on his face.

I don't know what came over me. I tried to attack him, to fight back before I suffered the same horrid fate as all of those before me. He simply knocked me aside, throwing me back into the litter of dead bodies. What was that thing? Who was he? Why was he doing this to me? I felt my head throbbing. I came back to reality for a moment. He was... doing something to me.

I had to fight it, I couldn't let him hurt me. I understood then why this system and game were returned so often. The game itself was just like any normal game... it was the system that was haunted. Something had possessed the Nintendo 64 and I was the unfortunate one to receive it. Dear God, did my uncle know about this? Did he know there was more to this system than meets the eye? Is he the cause of all of this?

There had to be a way to stop it. I dropped the controller and staggered to my feet. I walked into the bedroom and grabbed my phone off of the charger. I tried calling his cell phone, no answer. Then, I tried his store phone, again nobody answered. Finally, I called his house phone. There was an answer this time but it wasn't my uncle. “Play the game.” It told me. “It's our favorite.” The phone hung up. I looked at my cell; I no longer had signal. I needed to find my uncle, maybe he knew more about this. I hurried to the door, removed the chain lock, turned the knob and... the door was jammed. It appeared that I was trapped here, in the place I had once called home and felt my safest.

“He's gone, no need to worry about him.” My girlfriend walked up behind me and said. “I believe that we were in the middle of something.” I turned around and looked into her black eyes. I asked her who she really was, accusing her of being someone else entirely. I asked her what she had done to my uncle... “How could you say such a thing?”

She laughed. “Who else would I be? Baby, don't worry about anything. We're having fun... right? Playing your favorite game... so let's keep going. I'm sure that there is so much more for us to see.”. I told her to go to Hell in a fit of rage and she slapped me in my face. She demanded me to play the game. Her voice grew more deep, the only word to describe the way she sounded at that precise moment would be demonic, like the Devil had taken full control for a slight moment.

I had no choice. I walked back into the living room. Before I started the game I checked my phone one more time for signal. Then... something caught my attention. I didn't believe what I was seeing. I read the date on my phone. It was impossible. I purchased and played the Nintendo 64 on May 31st, 2012. According to this it was July 18th, 2012. There was no conceivable way. I still don't have any idea what this could mean. Had I lost almost two months of time? I would have asked my girlfriend but she was gone. She was now the shell for the monster that had ruined my life. I threw my phone against the wall, the back and battery both separated from it as it went to the floor. I returned to the living room, sat down and returned to my game. As if I had a choice in the matter.

I remained to Hyule Field, a world that had been burned and destroyed. Everything had gone quiet. A sense of calm began to overtake me and I felt sort of relieved. That feeling left me when I took a look at the death surrounding me. The sword was lost to me, I no longer had it in my possession. Something appeared in front of me. It was Navi the Fairy, Link's guide in the game, but she was very different than I previously remembered.

Personally, I expected her to say, “Hey! Listen!” but I got nothing except a cold voice that specifically demanded that I follow her. I took in a deep breath. I expected the worst to come out of this. The bodies all burned in the flames and I could smell the charred corpses as their flesh turned to ash in the everlasting inferno. The screams returned, the bodies themselves came to life, yelling out in misery, struggling in their damnation! They had been reborn and were once more being tortured.

The bodies of the drowned victims as well returned to life only to drown over and over and over again. I followed Navi through the flames, hands and teeth grabbing a hold of my clothes, pulling me into the fire and burning me at some points. I had no choice but to either kick them or pull away... I didn't want to suffer the same fate as them. What kind of person am I, that I wouldn't even help them though? Perhaps I just thought that it was too late for them...

She took me all the way to Kakariko Village, which too had seen its own demise. The building had all collapsed into themselves leaving some crushed under the rubble; I could hear slight screams coming from beneath the destruction. All the video game characters from this town and the Market would greet me here. Well, not all. Some insisted on crouching around the rubble and sipping the blood that seeped through. Their clothes were torn to pieces and were stained by blood.

Their skin had a grayish tint, with flesh dying and falling from them, leaving large cracks all over their bodies. They looked at me with ghoulish eyes that glowed bright yellow. As I followed Navi through the town they followed me. Groaning and limping, a women called out to me, “Filthy pig. We will enjoy ripping your flesh to shreds then feasting on it before your eyes!”. Another, a male voice, sprang out, “You will get what you deserve you sickening creature! You and the rest of your kind!”.

I stopped at a display so disgusting that I couldn't help but look. All of the carpenters were... eating a man, women and child... alive! It took all of my will not to breakdown and lose my sanity at that point. Blood dripped from their cheeks and jaws. One in particular stood out the most to me, as it took from the child his liver it began to chew on it like a dog chews his bone. “Just a sample of what my world truly is.” A voice said within my head. “This is what all of your kind deserves.”. Navi told me to follow or end up like them.

I chose to follow... as I looked around I saw others, all held down with chains as they were devoured bite by bite. I think I began to understand what sort of place this was, or at least what it was meant to resemble. The part that got to me the most was that a lot of them, if not, most of them, were children. Why would any child be condemned to this horrid place? Actually... does anyone truly deserve a fate such as this? I couldn't help but wonder what made me so special, above these people. Why am I not subjected to that same torture just like them? I resisted the questioning and just felt a slight relief that I wasn't in there position... for now, anyways.

Unsurprisingly, she led me to the Graveyard. A storm began. A strong breeze began to sweep through the cemetery, rain poured by the foot and lightning controlled the sky as if it were all planned out. Thankfully, the... residents of Kakariko didn't follow me all the way up here. My eyes wandered around the cemetery. I could no longer see Navi. It appeared she had done what she was supposed to.

The graveyard itself was well kept but none the less appeared far darker than ever before. Shadow covered the entire area, even when lightning made it claim over the sky. Something was moving in the darkness. Something or everything, I could not be certain. My eyes were not playing tricks on me, I was sure of that. Whispers in the dark called out to me and I was compelled to look at the very first gravestone, the big one right up front. I crouched down and read it.

Here lies my loving parents. Those who criticized me, destroyed me, ruined me. Enjoy your eternity in a Hell of your own design!”

I stood up slowly, unsure of what it truly meant. Something ran across from the shadows behind me. I instinctively turned around. Nothing could be made out because everything had become even darker. Eyes were on me from all over, there was a whisper in my ear, “Find a way out! Escape this place while your life is still yours to keep!”.

I felt its hand grip my shoulders, I turned and shoved it away; it moved back into the shadows whence it came. I couldn't breath, I was so terrified, so scared that words could not express what I was feeling. I felt a sharp pain in my chest, my heartbeat intensified by at least ten times. A powerful mist began to swirl through the entire area like a vortex of despair, and through it I could make out the figures that stalked the cemetery.

The spirits that then seemed to haunt every aspect of my nightmares. The whispers continued, I began to move through the cemetery and it seemed as though they grew louder with every step that I took. I examined each gravestone as best as I could through my paranoia. My body kept turning itself around in a kind of instinct that begged for my own safety and my eyes continually searched the cemetery with all intents of seeing every detail of what went on around me. I came to another gravestone that stood out to me.

Here lies my sweet, innocent sister, who suffers now as my parents do for the sins that she had committed against me.”

My mind was filled with images of the little girl outside of the Lon Lon Ranch. Was she the sister that the gravestone spoke of with so much anger? Poor little girl... It brought a tear to my eye when I thought about it. I had no time to grieve over her then, but thinking about it at that moment just got to me. This was the first real emotion I've felt that wasn't fear or terror in what felt like forever.

I could feel the presence of several beings standing directly behind me, each having there eyes on me. I walked away from the gravestone and soon I found myself at the very back of the cemetery where the biggest gravestone of all loomed over all of the others. This one was very different. It was colored black, unlike the others that were all gray, and the words were embedded in blood red.

I knelt down and read the grave. It said... both mine and my girlfriend's names. I stammered to my feet. I began to feel dizzy. I heard her call out to me! My girlfriend, undoubtedly it was her. I looked around, I screamed for her, asked her where she was.

I got no response. “She's mine now.” A voice in my head told me. “I have a present for you, my friend, for being such good company.” I noticed that in the very back of the cemetery, where the Shadow Temple once was located that there was now a black door. “Come, I can't wait for you to see it.” I walked through the mist, finding it within myself to ignore the spirits as they begged me not to go. I went through the door... I guess apart of me just didn't care anymore.

The steps from my dream... the dark staircase with the torches on both sides, no question about it. I descended in shadow. Everything seemed so quiet. It terrified me. This was the first time that I had known pure silence since I had come to this evil place. When I reached the bottom of the stairs I was in the Bongo Bongo boss room. This was the same dark room that I had seen in the nightmare.

But that also meant, as I recalled looking up... yes, the same man was there, hanging in mid-air strung on the rope with his arms and legs all held out. There were patches of skin missing from his body and he was covered in blood similarly to everything else that I had seen here. I recognized him. I knew who he was and I couldn't believe my eyes. Real people WERE being brought here and WERE being subjected to a hell unlike anything I have ever seen. I called out to him and he looked at me with bloody eyes. He asked me who I was. “It's me... uncle...” I told him. He obviously knew who I was when he saw me so why did he ask?

“Then you are free?” He said. “Leave this place! Now! Do not stay here! You need to get out of here! He has a plan for you! You cannot stay here!" I asked him what he meant but before he could answer something came from the ceiling, snake-like. It was the black mass and it surrounded my uncle. I heard him screaming as loud as a man his age could, wailing in mortal terror and pain. I could no longer see him through the mist but still I called out to him. When the mass moved aside finally I got a full view of my uncle, skinned alive, with holes underneath the muscle. I could see his innards. His intestines hung from him and swung back and forth like the wind as it caressed a flag.

A long tear on the left side of his chest exposed his stopped heart which appeared to have been punctured several times by a knife or other sharp object. “Observe.” A voice said. My uncle, he... came back to life?! I watched as everything repaired itself, skin and all. What kind of game was this? Everything appeared normal when I examined him; until I saw a sword driven through his abdomen from behind and pulled swiftly to the right. His legs hung there, and the black mass allowed him to simply bleed out. I told the mass to stop in a fury and he severed its arm in defiance. He then proceeded to throw my uncle's arm directly at my feet. I was... powerless to stop this torture. My uncle told me to ran. So, I did. I ran back up the stairs, through the door and I found myself in an icy world.

Zora's Domain had become far more sinister and cruel like the Kokiri Forest and Kakariko. The Zoras had been turned into a sort of blood demon, monsters that were comprised entirely of blood. Like you see with adult Link, the entire area was turned to ice, only this was far worse than I could have pictured it as a kid. Where the main source of water should have been I saw men and women all turned to ice, frozen in eternal cold. “Their punishment is to freeze for eternity and have limbs destroyed over and over again.”

The voice told me. I asked what these people had done to deserve such a fate. “For the crime of being human...” For the crime of being... human...? What a reason for such a punishment. On the ceiling and the sides of the Domain icicles stuck out, each with two or three impaled bodies, their blood frozen with the intense cold. I too felt the misery of this place in its temperature. I felt like the longer I stood here, and more I watched, the closer I would be to freezing eternally as well.

The Zoras they... amused themselves by smashing limbs off and allowing their blood to freeze at their feet. Imagine standing there, frozen, while these monsters mutilated your body. Ruto, the Zora princess, was the leader here. Her very touch drenched anything in blood, even the large hammer that she held. He smashed a defenseless women to pieces with one mighty swing. Her head rolled towards me, and as I looked I could see her eyes moving.

Though her face expressionless, I could see the fear within her. Ruto held out her hand and the woman's head rolled to her. The demonic Zora Princess than proceeded to... dig her hands into the ice and poke her fingers into the woman's eyes. When she took out her fingers both of the woman's eyes were sticking to them, torn out in the most gruesome fashion I could imagine.

I rushed through Zora's Domain. I just ran, I didn't care anymore, I sprinted as fast as I could until I was stopped at King Zora's chamber. He had become nothing more than a pure glutton. He sat on his usual throne and feasted. Like the other Zoras, he had become a blood demon. He was surrounded by chunks of flesh, heads that screamed for my help and limbs that twitched. I watched as he ate the fingers off of one hand, the crunching of the bones drove me mad. “The king shall feast for eternity!” I just continued moving through this world, leaving through the exit behind King Zora's throne.

Goron Village was no better than Zora's Domain. It had become a den of evil. The entire village was engulfed in a blue flame that gave forth no illumination and inspired only more chaos. There were bodies piled in the flames, each screaming for their skin would be both frozen and burned eternally. From the ceiling hung tens of hundreds of people, but not by rope, but by one another. They were frozen together, hanging from the person above, each appearing to be in the fetal position.

There was a large hole in the ceiling where I saw, with my own two eyes, the big Goron that lived at the top of Death Mountain. He sat under the black sky and a burning halo which also had people within it, spinning in a constant circle that not only burned the flesh from them but severed arms and leg. The Goron reached down, picking up all of the people at his feet, and laughed before he proceeded to eat them alive. “Imagine being digested for all of eternity.

These gluttons deserve such a fate.” I looked down to the bottom floor where the big Goron statue once was. Darunia sat down on a throne made of human flesh and watched as his brothers literally tore human after human, man, women, anybody down there that was not a Goron into several pieces. Darunia moved from his throne, carrying with him over his left shoulder a battle axe. With mighty force he proceeded to chop every body into pieces. Blue fire began to rain from seemingly out of nowhere and burn the remains into ash. With a wave of his hand the ashes turned into the very people that he had just mutilated, reborn into Hell. Darunia looked up and stared directly at me. He told me to leave this forsaken place or suffer like the rest of the humans brought into this damnation. I obliged, and left through the opening that once went to the Lost Woods.

Gerudo Fortress was now the home of many tortured souls and spirits. I walked through the area ever carefully. The black mass, my guide through this souless place, spoke to me at every turn. “My second favorite place in all the world.”

When I walked up the stairs from where I had first come in I was greeted by even more death. The winds of this part of the world tore people to shreds with mere passing, only for the demonic gusts to put them back together and do it all over again. The Gerudo women had been turned into skeleton's, still wearing the same clothing and still holding the same spears.

The walls of there homes were now entirely made of people who were all crushed beneath one another. Here, they used these people for ceaseless murder, nothing more, nothing less. Throats slit, bodies decapitated, impalement; any form of death was welcome here. It literally began to rain blood. I watched in awe as several skeleton women reached into one man's stomach and ripped him apart... piece by piece, bone by bone, organ by organ. Then, they began to skin him with their claws. I looked to the cliffs and saw miserable souls hanging, nailed to the rocks in the same fashion as one whom would be crucified. I could barely hear there dying groans.

The leader, Nabooru, reminded me solely of Elizabeth Bathory. Her skin remained intact and she wore a white, bloody gown. She stood in the center of it all, murdering and bringing back person after person, mindlessly laughing, and bathing in the blood that dropped from the sky. She looked up, held her mouth open and swallowed every drop that fell in. She swung around and with her dagger slit the throat of one inoocent man who dropped to the ground.

She followed him, and like a vampire, bit on his neck, sucking him dry. They all ignored me as I was apparent certainly. “I always had a thing for... vampires.” The voice laughed. Nabooru looked up at me suddenly, exposing fangs through her gaping mouth. I backed away slowly, she took her dagger in hand and began to walk towards me. I ran back down the stairs.

She jumped onto the giant rock beside me and then dropped, stopping me before I could go any further. I began to shake, my eyes felt as though they were about to pop from their sockets. She said she had not dined on fresh blood in some time, and would kill me there if her master didn't have use for me. She left me be after a wink and a smirk before returning to the constant slaughter. I left, going in the direction of the spirit temple, escaping this part of Hylian Hell.

I was at the area where both Hyrule and Ganon's Castle were meant to be, but this Castle was far worse. It was a black kingdom that resembled Dracula's Castle in Castlevania 64 and Legacy of Darkness. The center of all the evil in this world, all the chaos and Hell, was definitely there. I walked in, cautiously and in fear. I somehow managed to be taken all the way up to a room that resembled both Ganon's boss room and the Castle Keep in Castlevania.

The room was large, with stained glass windows and pillars on both sides. The stained glass depicted Bowser tearing off Mario's head and burning Peach alive, Ganon, driving the Master Sword through Link's chest, and Dracula from Castlevania finally overcoming the Belmonts and taking his rightful throne. These three games on the Nintendo 64 were all my favorites...

A lush red carpet went from my feet all the way to the coffin at the end, very similar to the Castle Keep and Ganon's Tower certainly. I knew what I was meant to do while being here, and all that I could do is obey. Above the coffin was a crucified Zelda, the Princess of Hyrule, her divine robes torn and tattered with blood staining her what was surely immaculate features. She had a sword sticking from her chest and her head was held back with a rope around her neck. Her eyes and mouth were sown completely shut. The terror that was on her face spoke to me, told me a story of what pain truly was.

I think that her teeth were missing too, but there was no way that I could be sure. I walked across the room, listening to the voices and whispers coming from all ends. As I reached the coffin I examined it further. It was white but had a black outline to it. As I put my hands on the coffin's lid I felt a powerful surge going through me; a dark power that ceased all my motions, all my will for a brief moment. I closed my eyes tight. Sweat dropped from my nose, my heartbeat was like a drum out of rhythm.

I pushed forward with all my might, all the power I had left, until the lid dropped onto the floor behind it. I found the willpower to open my eyes. What did I see? It wasn't a monster, a demon or a black mass. It was a man, appearing to be nothing more. His hair was long and black and he wore a shaded cloak. I found myself being drawn to him. I began to tremble, I felt the evil power in this room grow even stronger. The man's head turned, his black eyes opened, the same black eyes that my girlfriend had when I awakened from my sleep, and he looked into mine. “Welcome to my kingdom.” I drew back and desperately ran to the doors to escape.

A black mist swept through the room. It was him! The one within the coffin was the black mass himself! He began to circle around me, the entire room became black, and as he moved around me with infinite speed I thought for sure that death was at hand. Within the darkness he appeared before me, with a toothy grin tracing the outlines of his features. He was young, that much was certain and bore a staff that it greatly resembled Ganon's Trident of Power.

On his forehead and both hands I could make out the outlines of the legendary Triforce spoke of in the Zelda storyline. On his shoulders were spikes that resembled the one's that Bowser had on his shell but the tips were jagged. Last, but not least, he had fangs like a Vampire and his cloak reminded me specifically of Dracula from Castlevania 64.

He appeared to me as all three villains combined into one evil entity. I knew that I could not run and that I could not hide. He had me right where he had wanted me all along. Nabooru and my uncle had said that he had a plan for me. Perhaps this was it? To toy with me and then bring me here to his resting place. I looked down, eyes clamped shut and thought about my options, though I did not have many. If I was going to die I wanted to go down fighting.

I looked back up at him, tearing eyes and broken spirit, and asked him who he was. There was a pause for a moment and his grin grew even bigger. All these games, all that he had shown me, the world that he had control of... this man was evil incarnate, darkness given flesh. I feared his answer, the sound of his voice even. I just wanted it all to end. I couldn't do it anymore, I just couldn't. Finally, after what felt like minutes of silence he answered me.

The look on his face showed an arrogance about him, the tone of his voice told me that he felt himself above me and the glare of his eyes told me that I was his. “I am the Devil.” With a laugh he waved his trident then pointed it at me. I felt an intense pain in my chest, I dropped to both knees and shrieked in the intense pain. A powerful pressure welled up inside me and pushed out through every opening it could find. Blood came from my mouth, ears and eye sockets.

I felt the life slipping through my body at an exceedingly fast rate. I looked up at him, my eyes failing me but anger showing itself none the less. I couldn't breath, my heart ceased beating. I started to feel as if time itself froze. The cold... I felt death's embrace overtake me. The last thing I heard was the voice of my beloved before I died.