The news hit the early 20's when a young rogue was executed. The man was renown for feeding the sick and taking from the greedy at night and giving it to the needy. The man who prosecuted the rogue was an old miser, taking the young man.

Nights following the execution for the miser were peaceful, but it changed after the sixth night. The man would hear bumps, a sharpening of a blade, feet pattering on the floor, and coins jingling. The man hid under his covers, but his legs were sticking out.

He finally woke that morning, with a deep and hearty yawn. He smacked his dry, pale lips, and rose his head. What he saw was the most disturbing and gruesome sight he saw. The parts of his legs that were exposed that night... were severed and the blood was trailed into a separate room. The man cried and moaned for minutes, until his pale feeble body gave out due to blood loss.

His autopsy was shown that he was killed with a sharp blade.

The Limbripper will come at night to those who have not done at least one good deed that day. If your limbs are exposed that night, he will sever them accordingly, young or old. You better watch out for the limbripper.