There once was a woman called Jane. Jane was a mother of three kids, once one of them was being rude and misbehaved. The next night the kid ran down the stairs screaming: "SHE'S HERE! SHE'S HERE!" Jane got up and comforted her screaming son "Who's here, honey?" He didn't answer.

Curious, she went upstairs to his room. It was dark. She started walking around the room cautiously. Then she stepped on something. It sounded like a bone crunching.

"Ow," said a faint voice.

"Why did you do that?" Then the lights came on.

Sitting in the corner of the room was what looked like a corpse of a three or four year old girl. Its flesh was ripped of its body, and a leg was torn off, which Jane guessed was the one she had stepped on. She was holding a clock in her hand.

The girl spoke again, but in a much more demonic voice. "Why did you hurt me? I wanted to be friends!" She got up and walked towards Jane, but it looked as if she was limping. She spoke again; "Don't hurt me again!"

Before she could get the word "me" out of her mouth, Jane picked up a chair and flung it at the girl. The girl let out a horrific scream of pain and spoke to Jane again. "YOUR TIME IS UP." Then the girl dropped the clock she was holding.

Jane fainted. She awoke in a dark room. The eerie sound of a music box was heard. Screams of terror and evil laughter could be heard. Then she turned around. The girl was sitting down at the wall, and there was a blood message written on the wall:

"My name is Lollipop. Do you want to be friends?" Then Lollipop ran over to Jane and started ripping her apart from the limb. She devoured her organs and crushed her bones. There was blood everywhere. Lollipop spoke for the last time:

"Are we still friends?”

A few days later Jane's kids went missing. Their father was found dead in the toy box. A blood message was written on the wall:

"They are my friends now."