Lori loud walked to this old woman's to look after her dog because she was going on vacation for 2 days when she opened the door she said on hi there ms are you the dog sitter . Lori then said yes I am . The old women then let's her into the house and says here's my dog his name is ruff he is a small Rottweiler he is only 9 years old . Lori says what are the rules . The woman's says  your food is in the fridge ruff's food is in the cabinet your guest bedroom is at the end of the hallway you have all that memorized Lori says yes . Before she leaves she says oh one more thing make you feed ruff by 6 pm he does stuff if he not fed ok . After she left she got some chew tows out of a bag and gives them to ruff to play with she gets some leftover macaroni and cheese out of the fridge she watches tv used her phone in the guest room take a shower and gets ready to watch more dream boat then notices it is five minutes till 6 am and just shrugged and said I think ruff can hold on a couple of minutes ruff is seen waiting by his bowl paintentily for his food butt it never came over the next couple he goes from being hungry to full whimpering at 7:00 dream boat finished then Lori says now ruff it is time for dinner she gets  his food but it does not come she searches  the rooms she does not find him in the guest it was nighttime and she was using her phone flashlight to search right in the middle of the room Lori felt something drop on her head she realizes that it   is saliva she looks up  and to her horror she say that ruff with sharp teeth salivating mouth and  hungry eyes hanging on the ceiling he then jumps down on her mouth first she screams .

Two days the lady came home when she opened the door she said ruff i am home and saw ruff on the innocently sitting there said where is Lori she then shrugged her shoulders and said eh must  have went home early when went to take a shower but as she gets in ruff then burps  out lori's shoes implying he ate her 

Only if Lori fed ruff on time