It was a normal Friday night in the loud house it was choas lincoln then asked Lynn if she sees anything weird she did a then called a sibling meeting and parents meeting ' And then they hear complete silence'​​'they panic then Lori says she will go outside and get her phone out off vanzilla to try to call for help when she did there was no one on the line a then a rustling is heard she asked who is there and a werewolf puppy with brown shagged fur and red eyes and sharp teeth foaming at the mouth growling she then hides under vanzilla she then calms down but the then the werewolf puppy appears in front of her face it then pans up to the sky then you could here growling and chewing sounds and bone breaking blood splattering teeth tearing into flesh and lori's  agonizing screams then a loud belch is heard depicting that it had ate lori the other family members scream lincoln tells them to calm so they do they then block the window and door they forgot about vents and then the werewolf puppy pops out and they scream the unblock the door but accidentally lock lincoln inside outside the door screaming and growling can be heard before a loud belch 'is heard depicting it had ate Lincoln they all gather in the kitchen were it pops out of the basement door with Lisa's robot lasso invention to grab more at once it grabs luan Luna and Lucy and pull them into the basement and closed the door to eat them  offscreen all the other non eaten  family members  rita Lynn sr Lynn jr leni lola Lana Lisa Lily prepare for the fight the werewolf puppy then it  burst out and they all right him with weapons Lynn jr is fighting with him in the bathroom but is pulled into the bathtub and is eaten offscreen Rita and Lynn sr are also eaten in their bed room  lily is eaten too leaving lola lisa and lana and leni the only survivors they go upstair and leni trips and gets eaten they get corned but Lisa wakes realising it was a dream and everyone one was fine .

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