Louis Prologue

A man named Louis lives on a quiet mountain  top. Louis had built a wodden cabin . Louis was a lonely man , he didn´t have the company of a woman , somebody to warm his bed .He lived there with his two animals that he had found in the woods, a crow and a small baby wolf . Louis named them both , the crow was named Robert, and the small baby wolf was named Alex .
Louis was happy , besides being lonely , he had the company of two adorable animals , and he also liked the smell of the trees . But one day Louis was woken up while in his bed by the sound of a tractor and other mechanical instruments working,working and working .

The sound that the tractor made ,the chainsaws that were in operation drove Louis mad. Suddenly something lit up in Louis ,something violent and angry .Louis decided to get out of his house and then he saw something that horrified him

The trees that he used to adore were destroyed , there were dead animals on the ground that was covered by burned tree branches . But Louis suddenly snapped and said: "Why would persons do such a thing , do they not like what our god gave us , do they worship the heart of the dark man , do they support the dark man and his wretched heart and his evil doings . I CAN ALLOW SUCH THING !!!" In an instant Louis started killing all of the workers , smashing them with tree branches strangling them .And when he finished killing all of the workers he said: "Now i did what needed to be done , i have extinguished the adorers of the man with the black heart , TAKE ME WITH YOU !" Louis had snapped and was talking to himself , but in his subconscious he said: "I will do what you wish my master , i will protect this holy ground with my heart and soul, and those who aproach me will die and no

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