this is not a joke

keep reading

this actually happened

so it was a summer morning

and i was texting my friend

i asked her about her sick grandma

she said she died

the words she used were unerving

"grandma is dead love her"

i asked her what she ment but she logged off before i could hit send

later i checked the news and the main story was my friend dead

her corpse was ripped in half and the words "love her love egg" carved into her neck

i shut off the tv and went to my computer

i turned it on and an image that looked like a egg bleeding flashed before the login window popped up apeared

logging on i checked my folders

every thing was replaced with a photo of an egg with the words love drawn on it labeled :love.avi egg"

i clicked on one

my computer shutdown and exploded

i jumped back in shock

and felt a tingeling in my neck

i turned around

there was the ghost of my friends dead grandma holding a knife with a egg for a head

carving "love her love egg" into my neck

she was chanting "avi avi avi"

i ran