One day, I was surfing the internet, when I found "MUGEN LOST VERSION FREE DOWNLOAD" I clicked the button. Then it took me to the title screen. It had a new mode. It said: "Story Mode". I was pretty excited!

I started out as Kung-fu man. I walked around in an empty void when I found a fake version of him. He looked... Demonic. He killed Kung-Fu Man 10 times with blood flying around.

In the next stage, I was playing as the powerpuff girls in the "You Can't Run" Level. The giygas theme played, but distorted. When blood started to appear, The Powerpuff Girls get more and more worried. Then fake versions of themselves appeared and killed them.

Whenever I played as the character (Gumball, Hat Kid, You name it), every time they get worried, a demonic version of the character comes and kills them. Then, when I killed Bendy, static came.

After the static, it cut me to a scene with everyone with blood and guts everywhere. There was even the Random question mark. I vomited. It cut me to static again.

After a whole minute, it cut me to the same landscape, but with everyone as symbiote alts. They did not act like they are, but... different. They want to kill the world.

After they lighted the world with 9,000 lighters, static came. Then my computer combusted. My house was on fire! I died.

After a whole 9999 Years, I was in the future. I was a YE OLD MAN! The old doctor said: "well, if your house was on fire and you died...… welcome to the future!"

After the doctor left, a demonic voice strangled myself. It said things like: "Hello, ****" and "They are dead. You cannot recover them." then, I could not breathe. But, for 10 seconds, I finally breathed. And my pulse was lowering! Then I died again.

After 9999 more years, I survived the end of the world. The hospital was now rusty.

I had my laptop.