I've been playing Minecraft for a a few years now, but I was so disturbed by what I'm about to describe to you that I have sold my account.

It all started a few weeks ago, I was looking on the web for hacked Minecraft clients when I came across a website. The background was black, the URL had dissapeared and it had a link, which I promptly clicked. Weirdly, my PC started to freeze and lag. The Browser randomly dissapeared and closed to desktop. I then noticed a folder called "DONOTENTER" I was confused because I thought it said: "DONUT ENTER". I opened it under the pretense of a Donut, yet found something disturbing.

Out of all the things that could be inside it, Guess what it was? A copy of Minecraft renamed: "exe.enirboreH" "Oh great, it's a cheesy Minecraft horror hack.." I thought to myself. I booted up the game only to be seeing an alternative Minecraft Launcher that had the login prompt your First, Middle and Last Name. I thought: "Oh, this is just a hacked client, I'll just go offline and I should be fine." I typed my full name into a program downloaded from a sketchy website and the game started. The Mojang logo appeared, it just flew up to the screen, hit it and then blood went splatting down. This made me question why I was wasting time doing this. The main menu started and it was so weird that I violently shat myself. The Minecraft logo was destroyed and covered in moss, only Hyper Realistic, the only way things can be scary... Herobrine nocliped through my door, smashed my laptop with his face and then he ran away cackling... But on my wall, there is '666' written on it... It was then I remembered that I wrote that...

Originally posted on CP Wiki by AGTmag