It was a Saturday like any other, the sun was out, the birds were singing, and school-children were out enjoying the nice weather. I decided to go see my friend, Lindsey. When we arrived she asked if I wanted to go and explore the woods, I immediately agreed, we were both naturally lively 12 year olds constantly wanting to do fun, and at times, risky things together.

I remember having great fun with her that day, we climbed the trees and played various games with each other, but through the entire experience, I experienced this strange sense of paranoia, as if someone was watching us.

It was when we started heading home that I saw something move in the trees, I told Lindsey that there was something behind her. At first, she thought I was just pulling her leg, It was only then that she saw something move as well.

We reluctantly left. What started as a light jog quickly turned into a full-on sprint as we could hear something gradually approach us. Suddenly, I heard Lindsey scream behind me. When I turned around, I nearly stumbled to the floor in fear. Standing in front of my was a man holding Lindsey... or was it an animal? Heck, I couldn't tell. The creature was huge, it was about 8 feet tall and had 8 arms. After a moment of shock, I ran away, leaving Lindsey for dead.

When I got home I told my mom that something had taken Lindsey, she immediately dialled the emergency line. When the police arrived they decided to interrogate me and asked me about what I saw. Despite telling them the truth, they just shrugged my statement off as a hallucination caused by post-traumatic stress.

It was only yesterday, 20 years after the event, that they discovered Lindsey, or at least, what was left of her. Grieved by the death of an old friend, I decided to go outside for a walk. When I got back, there was a note on my front door. Written on it were the words 'I'm still out there'. Drawn on the note was an image of a man with 8 arms...